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    Jewish Hoppeanism, or JewHoppe, combines Jewish Anarchism with Hoppeanism. It believes that a "Kingdom of G-d" should be established through a Hoppean society of voluntary contracts between Jews, and quite possibly other people of the book, or maybe even other religions.

    What is Judaism? It all started when Abraham was chosen by G-d and made a covenant to where Abraham would be the father of a great people and that Abraham and his descendants must obey G-d and in return G-d would guide them and protect them and give them the land of Israel for his descendants. Skip to after Moses chose's Joshua as his successor, Joshua goes on to conquer Canaan. After Joshua's death, Judges served as the rulers of Israel until a Kingdom was set up and Saul became the first king of a united Israel. This system would exist until Pompey the Great conquered Israel and made it a puppet state and later incorporated into the Roman Empire. The end of any autonomy came at the end of the Bar Kokhba revolt where the Roman emperor Hadrian suppressed the Jewish religion and any political autonomy while preventing Jews from going into Jerusalem, ending the religious influence in Israel.

    Hoppeanism itself is an economically right, stateless and culturally far-right ideology named after the German-American Austrian-school economist Hans-Hermann Hoppe.

    He believes that to achieve a true and stable  Anarcho-Capitalist society, there should be an active cultural hatred towards any sort of Leftism (especially economic) and that State File:Demo.png Democracy inherently results in a Leftist and/or totalitarian society. He has regarded that many democratic regimes have been far more brutal than certain monarchies or autocratic regimes in general.

    Additionally, Hoppe believes that different people should organize themselves into "Covenant Communities" and organize the terms, and having a signable social contract, for the community. Thus two Anarcho-Capitalist communities might have complete different set of rules and term, different things may be considered legal or illegal (For example, a community might agree that allowing people from different cultures is desirable while another might explicitly be opposed to this and have rather closed borders)


    JewHoppe hates communists, socialists, syndicalists, pro-democracy people, antisemites, etc. He believes they should be physically removed. He likes anarcho-capitalism and admires Hans Hermann-Hoppe. And he also uses the phrase "so to speak" after most sentences.

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