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    Jewish Bolshevism, also known as Judeo-Bolshevism, is a Marxist-Leninist ideology that seeks to establish a Jewish theocracy also proponents of this ideology believe that the Russian Revolution was started and was led by Jews, and that Jews have dominated multiple communist movements.

    It was known as a conspiracy theory that was related to the Zionist Occupation Government conspiracy theory in which Jews are controlling world politics and Jewish Bolshevism was propaganda for The Russian White Movement, Germans National Socialists, German American Bund, Polish Nationalists & Some Palestinians even Israel was not a Communist nation.

    Jewish Bolshevism was a evil ideology if it was active in the future or an alternative timeline and also hates Prue Germans, Hungarian Catholics, Japanese Imperialists, White Russians, Western Europeans, American Christians, Turkish Ottomans, Arabic Jihadists, Iranian Shias, Right Wing Capitalists & Other More Races and wanted to kill them in a most brutal way as possible.

    Jewish Bolshevism wanted the whole world to become Communist but with Jewish Culture and he believes that Jews where the most powerful race also have no problems with race mixing unlike National Socialist that thinks that race mixing was a huge threat that destroys the purity of the master race.


    • Jewish Theocracy - I have the ten commandments and it teach me to follow these rules even in the opposite way.
    • Marxism-Leninism - Marx was a real Jew also he wrote the Communist manifesto and he want us to live free.
    • Germanophobia - Germans are a type of people where to nerdy for me to handle.
    • Esoteric Socialism - We with work together even in secret or maybe in public.
    • Labour Zionism - This is why Palestine sucks because it was a nation of the truth of us that hurt everybody.
    • Islamophobia - They where all Anti-Semitic even those Arab Muslims where part of the Semitic race.
    • Stalinism - You have become a hero of the world even you are a Russian Nationalist who wants other countries Communist.
    • Trotskyism - I think maybe you can be leader of The Soviet Union instead of Stalin.
    • Blanquism- This is me but French.
    • LGBTism - I have no problem with that.
    • Gaullism - Now that is real terrorism that I want for the real world even people see you as a hero.


    • Jewish-Nazism- Please don't leave me here, I want you to live a better life for both of us.
    • Zionist Nazism - Please don't reform Judaism into a normal religion so you can hang out with Fascists that will ruined our plans.
    • Revisionist Zionism- More right wing Jews and I don't think it will be real pride for Israel.
    • Lehi Zionism - Why did you have to support Nazi Germany for freedom.
    • Kahanism - Why are you hating Liberalism.
    • Zionist Fascism - Oh god that is the final thing that I wanna see.
    • Illuminatism- Please don't be a economic that is capitalist or fascist.
    • Social Democracy - Why do you sided with The Freikorps they are German Nationalists.
    • Anti-Semitic Satirism - I have seen Homosexuals reacting to Homophobic videos on YouTube.
    • Jewish Anarchism - Destroy all death camps but without government means laziness to kill Prue Germans.
    • Satanic Theocracy - You are me but not Jewish and not Communist but please this is my world.
    • Showa Statism - I am inside of you to fool you even with a nuke but thanks for saving me.
    • Right-Wing Populism- Too close.
    • Globalism- No cultures but why even you liked all people's culture including my culture.
    • Bundism- You are me but not interested in a world domination.
    • Black Nationalism- Please don't be against me otherwise the world will burn in the weird way.
    • Eugenicism- I like race mixing with everyone even Pure Germans but I hope that the Pure Germans can use it a a weapon.


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