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    Jesusism is an ideology based on the teachings of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, a 1st century Jewish rabbi and Son of God. After His crucifixion and resurrection, He commanded his disciples to spread the Gospel (literally translates to Good News) to the ends of the Earth before He ascended into heaven.

    Core Teachings

    Ego.png Humanity's Sin Ego.png

    Humanity is predisposed to sin against God, and such sins alienate man from Him.

    Christy.png God's Love Christy.png

    But the good news for humanity is that God loves every last one of them unconditionally. Thus, desiring that no man shall perish, He sent down Jesus Christ to live a sinless life and lead them to eternal life through a personal relationship with Him.

    Sec.png Jesus's Authority Sec.png

    Through His forgiving of sins and working miracles, Jesus asserts His authority as the Son of God to bring humanity to salvation.

    Sacrificial Love

    Jesus's own sacrificial love is the focal point of His character. This was demonstrated by laying down his life and suffering a brutal death on the cross to atone for the sins of all mankind, past, present, and future. It was also an essential part of Jesus's moral teachings and is greatly emphasized by the epistles his apostles wrote.

    Unimon.png Came As A Servant, Returns As A King Unimon.png

    Jesus was a servant for everyone He met in His life on Earth by preforming miracles and reaching out to the lowest in society. But once the Tribulation comes, Jesus will return to Earth to defeat Satan and all evil once and for all, bringing the Kingdom of God down to Earth.


    Jesus was a very gentle and gregarious man. He would constantly be invited into peoples homes to teach or He'd do it out in public, and He'd touch the hearts of those He met along His travels.







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