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    Chapter Zero: A Strange Deal

    Jed and Sam are alone together in a dingy warehouse, the only lighting coming from a bare lightbulb above them, moonlight from the windows, and a lit cigarette in Sam's mouth
    - Ugh, this bastard is past schedule by an hour.
    - I told you, man. The guy's a dud. Let's go
    Jed gets up and begins to head for the exit
    - Five more minutes, please, just-
    - That's what you've been saying for the past hour. No. I'm going back home to get some sleep.
    - Jed, c'mon he's gonna show!
    - I don't give a shit if he's "gonna show", he said he'd show a fucking hour ago! Wait on a dead man all you want, but I'm-
    As their argument reaches a crescendo, the doors of the warehouse burst open, and a shadowy figure appears, not stepping into the light
    - See?! I told you he was coming!
    - hεllo gȅͩ̓nt͓̟̮̯̗lεmeη. i αpρolog̲͔ize for mγ tдrdinεss. i ɧαve thε items̿̍͑ͯ yΘu seek.
    The figure reaches into something obscured by the shadows and leaves on the ground a small stone with a glowing cyan rune in the center

    - i wɨsh i ¢ould stαγ lσnger, but thεre αre things to which i musτ ατtεπd
    The figure then slowly backs out into the night until he is no longer visible
    Sam and Jed both stare at each other dumbfounded for some time after the figure has left. Eventually they regain their composure and begin to speak
    - Well, I guess that's it. Should we go... should we even touch it?
    - I mean, we didn't wait 7 hours for nothing. I'll get it.
    - If you think it's a good idea
    Jed grabs the stone and a blinding white flash fills the room, leaving him glowing several seconds after the flash is gone
    - Holy shit, Jed! Are you alright?!

    End of Chapter Zero


    Jed-Pilled Feudalism is a Feudalist, Authoritarian, and Reactionary ideology placed within the far left of the authright quadrant. He believes that society should return to medieval tradition as Feudalism is the optimal system for maintaining decentralization and traditional family values


    Jed-Pilled Feudalism was formed as a result of touching a mysterious stone purchased for unknown reasons by his uncle.


    Economic Positions

    Jed-Pilled Feudalism believes in a reactionary socialist economy with a strong emphasis on feudal elements, he believes in decentralized ownership and has a strong preference for the guild system over other types of economic organization.

    Cultural and Societal Positions

    Similarly to his normal form, Jed-Pilled Feudalism is rather traditionalist in his beliefs, although in this case enough to reach outside of the compass. He believes that all Christian traditions going as back to the first churches must be preserved.

    He also has a strong dislike of anything considered even loosely degenerative, including but not limited to homosexuality, transgenderism, abortion, adultery, etc. He believes society has the right and responsibility to ostracize individuals who participate in such acts.

    Governmental Positions

    Jed-Pilled Feudalism believes in an Abmon.png Absolute Monarchy wherein the monarch has the right to make any changes in government that he wishes, however, the central government controlled by the monarch would not do particularly much, and instead land and lawmaking would be under the control of nobility.

    Personality and Behaviour

    Jed-Pilled Feudalism acts like a medieval LARPer version of Jed-Pilled Thought.

    Stylistic Notes

    I used Lingojam's English to Shakespearean translator for relationships



    • Jed-Pilled Thought - I wast bas'd but i did need to embrace the antiquity
    • Minnesotan Distributism - A most wondrous ally in the hurlyburly 'gainst progressivism, but that gent wilt did rid himself of degen'racy
    • The Stone of Antiquity - Bas'd rock!

    Potential Brethren

    • Fascism - While thee has't some valorous ideas, thee wanteth not a real returneth to traditional times


    • File:PCB-PROG.png Progressivism - Thee has't ruin'd mod'rn society! i dare thee to a duel!

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