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    Jebsoc Occultist Theocracy

    Jebsoc Occultist Theocracy or just Jebsoc for short is the first and bad Post-Jebism ideology. It is completely totalitarian and everyone worships the god-emperor Jeb, the internet and anything Jeb! doesn't like is all banned, Jeb is the only one that gets to make a decision. Jeb controls your life, Jeb controls your career, there is only JEB, JEB, JEB!!.


    Orwellian Jebism

    Jebsoc is an autocratic ultra-totalitarian ideology that believes that Jeb is the supreme master and leader of the universe, Jeb is the person that decides every single action within the universe and no one is allowed to go against him. There are no democratic elections, Jeb reigns supreme. For there is only JEB!, JEB!, JEB!.


    Jebsoc believes that only Jeb and those who are most loyal to him like his worshippers deserves to have any sort of property. All the problems can go die in a hole, yet Jeb still reigns supreme over them.

    Cultural Jebism

    Jebsoc believes that it does not matter whether you are a girl, boy, non-binary, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, black, white or brown. As long as you support Jeb and his regime you will be granted a life, if you do not, you shall be banished into Prole Territory and be forced to live a short life of dismay and suffering.


    In a Jebsoc society, there would be a division of land into two federal districts, Prole Territory and the Gateway of Heaven. Prole Territory would only be inhabited by prolean anarchist groups that would try to fight each other to gain dominance in the Prole Territory, however every year, Jeb would come to the Prole Territory to slaughter 80% of the population, causing a massive genocide every single year.

    Jeb Theocratism

    Jeb is the god. End of story.


    The God Emperor


    The Inner Circle

    • Mayo - She is the most dedicated follower of our lord and saviour Jeb!
    • Ingsoc - Jeb is Big Brother...
    • The cult of Jeb! - My dedicated followers

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