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    Jebism is a politically ascended ideology worshiping the one true god-emperor of the United States, Jeb Bush, also known as Jeb!

    Jeb! is an immortal, omniscient deity, and his failure during the 2016 election turned many away, but Jebism didn't give up. Jebism knows the wisdom of it's eternal leader. Jebism can clap like no other.

    As per the Jeb! meme, he is shown to win every single election humanly possible, even the ones Jeb wasn't even alive to witness or live to witness.

    Jebism is therefore a meme ideology that is always brought up in any post-2016 cynical elections with the other ideologues joking that Jebism! is the obvious victor of the vote.

    Alternatehistoryhub once did a video depicting the glorious triumph of humanity in a universe where Jeb! took over the Earth, which is further responsible for defining what this meme ideology encapsulates.


    Jebism is calm and optimistic. Jebism has reached enlightenment, all thanks to the only god Jeb!. Jebism doesn't care about critics or anyone else for that matter. Jebism knows only Jeb!.

    Non-Ironic Jebsim

    As for the actual beliefs of Jeb Bush, he is a fairly standard Neoconservative,though perhaps a bit more moderate than most neocons.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a white ball with a black outline
    2. Draw the word Jeb! in red inside the ball
    3. Add 2020 in blue under Jeb!
    4. Add the eyes and you're done!




    • none


    • Anti-Centrism - You are no match for the black hole of true centrism!
    • Trumpism - Cuck. The only natural enemy!


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