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    Jealous gods evil revenge

    Template:Sexcrime It was the 19.05.2021. Aaron was once again wasting his time on the laptop. He was talking with Erin on Discord but suddenly he got very angry, jealous and mostly sad because of her. He did not exactly know why but it sickened him deeply and as usual his depression-accelerationism kicked in and after a few minutes of remembering the worst parts of his life mixed with Nihilism he soon was at the bottom of hopelessness. He said to himself "I think I should go to bed, maybe that will make me feel better". As he was about to stand up he faints and falls to the ground.

    On the next morning, he wakes up. He still feels really shit, actually even worse. Aaron thinks to himself "I'M SICK OF MY CONSTANT MOOD CHANGES AND THAT I HAVE SUCH A SHITTY AND BORING LIFE, I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY LONGER". He leaves the house, hops on the bike and drives to the other side of the valley. He then proceeds to climb up the nearest mountain. When he arrived at the peak he sees his village below him. He remnisces the few good memories of growing up but they quickly go away. He says to himself "Let's make an epic jump off this mountain so I can at least die with style and class." When he was about to jump off, he stopped because he heard a voice in his head which said "Aaron, do you really wanna kill yourself and let everyone win that ever did bad to you?" Aaron replies "N-no, but who are you?" the voice replies "I, I'm your true self, let me take control over you and let me revenge you!", "sure" said Aaron.

    Aaron climbs down and drives to his archenemys house. On the way he gets a handgun from a friend and the materials required for 10 molotov cocktails. He finally arrives at the house, hides behind some bushes and prepares the molotov cocktails. His plan was simple, burn the wooden house down and if anybody escapes, he or she will just get shot. Aaron throws all the molotovs and watches house erupt into flames, seeing everyone burning and dying except for his archenemy. He goes around the house to see him crawl out the house with a burned face. Aarons slowely walks up to him and stamps on his enemy's face and says "Hey Evano, long time not seen, send Satan my regards, bye" and shoots him. "Man, that felt good!"

    Aaron continued with his revenge, next on the list are several friends that left him or backstabbed him. He used a different methods like kidnapping one and tying them to a heavy stone and throwing him in the local lake, stabbing one with a ski pole to death, burning one like a witch in the middle ages, letting somebody die from gas and many many more special ways to kill all his old friends. Next on the list were all his crushes and ex-girlfriends. He kidnapped them all and tied all of them up in his basement and started to torture them, doing some questionable stuff in the process with them. After a few hours he stopped, looked at them and said "You didn't deserve me anyway". He locked the basement and let all of them starve. He got some provisions and left as fast as he could as there were approximately a dozen cops in his village looking for the missed people. He hikes through the alps thinking about the stuff he did and he felt zero regrets. While hiking, he asked himself how it could even have gone that far and then he realized who was to blame for this.

    IT WAS ERIN! She's the reason why all these people died, she's the start of his depression so Aaron planned his revenge. He went to Zürich, stole some money together bought a fly and flew to USA California. After a bit of research he found her house, but before he can go there he has to first get some stuff. After he got the stuff he went to Erins house and knocks on the door. Erin opens and says "Hello, who are you?", Aaron replies with "I'm Aaron, agave nectar". He nearly vomited from saying that. Erin asks "What do you want here?" and he replies with "Just apologize and maybe cuddling?" Erin nodded. "Hey Erin, do you wanna try out this fruit juice from switzerland?" Erin nodded again and starts drinking but after a few sips she gave it back saying "That doesn't tast good to be honest". Aaron stands up and says "Yes, because that's actually a poison which makes you unable to move". Right as he said that Erin fell on the floor unable to move and speak. Aaron throws some C4s around her house and leaves. As he's about to activate the C4, his normal consciousness came back and said, "Enough is enough, at first the revenge felt good but I'm thinking more and more that it has gone to far!", the voice replies "Fine, I had my fun". Aarons walks away and throws the activater away... but OOPS it landed on the button. All Aaron can hear is a giant explosion. His first expression is sadness which slowly turns into a psychopathic smile. Aaron and the voice say simultaneously "I am you, and you are me".

    Then Aaron feels more and more powerfull, it seems like he's becoming a god. He destroy the whole world, destroy any advanced civilization in special ways like putting them in a black hole, summoning mindless creatures that eat everything, eating the whole planet by himself, creating a virus that will kill everyone etc. Also he enslaved all the demi gods and started building up a army of demi gods to conquer the multiverse but suddenly...

    Suddenly! Aaron opens his eyes and to his surprise he's in his room. At first he's confused but soon he realizes that it was all just a bad dream. He's glad. He thinks to himself "Revenge always sounds cool and maybe it is, but for me it's not". He stands up from the ground and goes to the laptop to apologies to Erin, he saw that she had sent him countless messages telling "I'm sorry" or "I'm sorry sweety". He wrote back "I'm sorry too! I'm sorry for my childish behavior!". Erin accepted the apology and they stayed friends until the end of time.

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