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    Hi Jreg!!! Love your content! :}

    Jd2842ism is the personal ideology of Jd2842. It is a Right Unity ideology that can be considered to be cultural right, economic mixed {but leans right} and socially center-right, while Jd2842ism has a autocratic style of rule it isn't inherently anti-democratic.


    Ideally were Jd2842ism ever to come to power, Jd2842ism would reorganize the country into a Caeserist Guided Democracy while trying to maximize popular support as much as possible (and as a extra pipe dream would declare himself Emperor like his political heroes, though a strong executive/de facto monarchy more then suffices {as could be inferred earlier}) otherwise Jd2842ism largely supports "unco-opted" Democracy and Democratic institutions (unless a Caesar/Napoleon dictator comes along) tho regardless desires that the populace of any Democracy hold a collective patriotic sentiment.

    Jd2842ism is very nationalistic to his homeland (in this case the United States) though is supportive of a more "inclusive' (but not Liberal) form of nationalism (both for moral and pragmatic reasons), Jd2842ism's sense of nationalism makes him somewhat sympathetic to a multitude of contradicting ideological and government structures as long as they genuinely hold a sense of "nationalistic pride" (ofc he will never support any movement advocating ethnic, racial, or cultural genocidal views).

    On Economics, Jd2842ism has been greatly influenced by Austroconservatism but also is extremely pragmatic, willing to adopt a myriad of polices in the name of "national interest" like Paternalistic Conservatism or even "Patriotic" forms of Tripartism and Market Socialism (regardless of structure he wishes for his nation's economy to be "Self-Sufficient" ), he generally supports class cooperating for the betterment of society rather then favoring one over the other.

    On Foreign Policy, Jd2842ism generally aligns himself with a Neoconservative foreign policy (with occasional balance of power thoughts notwithstanding), which ironically means he generally supports democratic movements/opposes most authoritarian regimes globally (largely as he views them as Kleptocrats/Sadistic Bullies undeserving of the power they weld), and it can be said Jd2842ism's "ideal" relationship between Hegemon and thier "lesser" states is a 'paternalistic" one.

    On Social Policy, Jd2842ism holds relatively conservative positions on issues like Abortion and the LGBT but strongly opposes the "Cultural Hedonism" and "National Masochism" that he feels infects society.

    On Religion, Jd2842ism holds Accommodationist views (but "ideally" would desire to maintain some kind of a "distinct Christian flavor" or even a State Church in the model of England).

    Jd2842ism neither sees monarchy or republic to be inherently better (Though in practice tends to favor monarchy and usually opposes republican endeavors to abolish monarchies) and advocates countries embrace the heritages of both when applicable).

    Jd2842ism has a very strong sense of justice and fairness which influences his polices and ideas.

    Miscellaneous Polices

    It should be noted Jd2842ism does support restoring the Bonaparte Imperial Family to power.

    What is a Nation?

    Jd2842ism has a very broad definition of nationhood, generally accepting all types of nationalism as legitimate definitions. this also includes broad conceptions of ethnic genesis like "civic identities becoming ethnic identities" and different types of nations ("civic nations"{within reason}, "cultural nations" etc). Jd2842ism generally respects and supports preserving a Nation's existence (with reasonable polices of cultural and political autonomy {or independence} if he feels the situation calls for it).


    Friendly, Knowledgeable, Interested in the view points of others.

    Despite Jd2842ism's authoritarian inclinations, he considers himself part of the western democratic tradition and generally opposes other authoritarian ideologies.

    How to draw

    File:Jd2842ism Cockade.png
    Flag of Jd2842ism
    1. Draw a ball,
    2. Around the edge of the ball draw a oranrge (#) outline,
    3. In the centre of the ball, draw a blue (#000080) circle,
    4. Colour the rest of the ball white (#FFFFFF),
    5. Draw the eyes, and you're done!



    "Ideological Acquaintances"

    • Capitalism - As long as the Business owners are loyal to the Nation and ain't hurting the innocent I support you (for the most part)
    • Girondism and Feuillantism - Although I love Napoleon I find you both acceptable and I'm sorry for your defeats.
    • Kemalism - Ataturk was epic! (can you stop persecuting minorities though)?
    • Ceremonial Monarchism - A ceremonial monarch is better then no monarch!
    • LGBT Conservatism and Conservative Feminism - Acceptable.
    • Christian Theocracy - Sometimes you're great, sometimes you're not.
    • Machiavellianism - We must be willing to do what must be done (within some limits).
    • Bismarckism I love your constitution plus how you subverted the communists was based! (obligatory F you for removing Napoloen III tho)
    • Christian Democracy - A bit too economically left wing, but otherwise ok!
    • Medievalism - While I like some aspects of the Medieval period there are some things that shouldn't be restored.
    • 1800ism and 1700ism.png 1700ism - While there are certainly aspects of you I don't like there's something about your politics and aesthetics that appeals to me.
    • Colorblind Neoconfederatism - Alas, the damage is done and thus it might be best to let go (in some form).
    • Classical Liberalism - The American Founders liked you.


    Ideologically Oppose


    Relationships (Self-Insert) (Note this purely based on views, not personalities)


    Ideologically Friendly


    • Meridian Paternalism - I don't know if I could live under you (unless I was the Patriarch), also I'm much more fond of "the outer state".
    • East Jalangism - I don't know anything about you, but since your a nationalist I might like you!
    • Northzrnism - I don't agree 100% but you're not bad!
    • Calreibozism - Not enough to form an opinion, but at least you like games and ceremonial monarchs!
    • Tomassciism - I'm not really fond of the socialist and globalist aspects but Orange is based!!!
    • Samikakoism - Too far left but I sympathize.
    • Rebelism - Way too socially conservative and elder dominated for my taste, but at least your tough on crime
    • SajZeal Model and NeoSajism - While I disagree with your views I respect them for how well thought out they are!

    Ideologically Opposed

    • Airisuism - too left-wing but at least you like anime!
    • Yoda8soup Thought - Well too left-wing tbh but could be worse!
    • Heinrich-Cheungism - Way too exploitative but at least you like anime and Waifus!!
    • Serbian Socialism - It's pretty oblivious we wouldn't get along but I like your minority polices (and Tito was better then Stalin)


    Notes (wip)



    New Model Of Cheesenism - pls add me


    Reactionary-Cheesenism- pls add me


    Casagonism - pls add me, active google traduction i'm french

    Added! Xirlan Thought - Add me



    - Add me?


    - My ball should just be Ashley.png 


    UserWiki:TheFedGuy101 - Add me? (In case you're wondering, I'm not in PCBA, just in PCB. Also, I shockingly have the same cockade lol)


    Ronwelltarianism - Can you please add me?


    Sílas Carrasco - Can you add me pls?

    Added! me to your self-ins

    - Could you add me to your self-insert relations?


    Yoda8soup - Add me? :)


    Brazilian Liberalism - Add me


    Serbian Socialism Hey! I am Serbian but i can speak Italian!

    (Belated) Added!

    Rigby Thought - Add me


    Illiterate Socialism - Add me, also nice you returned

    1. Americanized National Bonapartism is probably more accurate but it doesn't roll of the tongue
    2. Bonapartism is interchangeable with Caeserism and Benevolent Dictatorship/Liberal Autocracy, this also applies with "Bonapartism with Neoconservative characteristics"/
    3. This simply means I'm not as "hyperfixated" on Monarchism as I use to be, not that I'm anti-monarchist.
    4. The Federal model is much to ingrained in me for me to ever abandon it
    5. Usually in the form of a Regionalized unitary state but a Cleisthenes option of total deregionalization is possible depending on the situation
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