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    Jazzy Jasmine Thought (JJT) or Jazzyism is the culturally far-left, economically left-wing, feminist, and anarchist political ideology of JJPMaster. She is a self-contradictory synthesis of Ego-Mutualism, Queer Anarchism, Anarcha-Feminism, and Anarcho-Transhumanism. She is very gay, and serves to make as many people as possible aware of that, despite actually being pansexual. She also despises nationalism, capitalism, authoritarianism, and conservatism.




    JJT posits that there is only a physical realm, and that the mind is simply a manifestation of physical reality. Despite this, she practices Western esotericism for psychological self-exploration. Apart from that, she supports absurdism, and believes that the meaningless of life is itself what gives it meaning.


    JJT believes that nothing can be known to certainty, and follows a form of epistemological skepticism. Additionally, JJT is focused on freethought, and has a strong focus on science and empiricism, which is another position that is contradictory to her practice of Western esotericism.


    JJT's ethics aren't well defined, but they are generally similar to ethical hedonism, except that more defines how she personally lives her life, and she prefers to instead say that any action that she personally likes is morally correct, and that one that isn't is morally incorrect. On the topic of self-interest, she believes that all humans act purely to advance it, and that any form of altruism ultimately maximizes self-interest. She justifies this on the basis of evolutionary biology, since it has been established that altruism ultimately increases one's likelihood of reproducing, which she believes is the ultimate selfish desire.


    JJPMaster has a strong appreciation for postmodern and futuristic art. That's it.


    JJPMaster believes that JJT's metaphysics and ethics justify anarchism, and her support for psychological but not ethical egoism justifies socialism. Her extremely left-wing cultural positions are less based in her philosophy, but she sometimes says that they're an extension of her tendencies toward postmodernism.

    Related to her cultural positions are her support for Gender Accelerationism, but while opposing the abolition of gender, instead advocating for the concept to simply being accelerated indefinitely.


    She, as previously mentioned, is extremely gay, and wants everyone to be aware of this. She may occasionally go slightly too far and advocate for a queer ethnostate before promptly changing her mind upon remembering that she hates nationalism. She, along with that, has many other contradictory views; she simultaneously wants taxation to be abolished and increased; she simultaneously wants every possible gender identity to be accepted and for the whole concept of gender to be abolished. She may occasionally talk about a "Binaricide," where all individuals who have binary gender identities will be "extinguished from the face of the earth," but she does not seem to care too much about this goal.

    She’s also a cat.


    Favorite things


    • Mutualism - I’m not a big fan of economics in general, but you seem alright.
    • World Federalism and Illuminatism - I don’t like you that much, but Luna seems to like the idea of you and I for some reason.
    • Illegalist-Soulism - Should probably google the meaning of the word “energy.”
    • Anarcho-Communism - Meh economics, and too collectivist, but at least you’re also an anarchist and a cat. UwU
    • Anarcho-Syndicalism - Same as above, but wild.
    • Libertarianism - I hate you. I fantasize about killing you and your colleagues. You’re ruining the world. I’ll still vote for you, of course.
    • Democratic Socialism - Oh, how good it feels to remember the olden days…


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