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    Jadedism is an authoritarian left ideology based on the creator's personal political beliefs. It is a culturally center right, economically center-left, and authoritarian ideology believing in a state capitalist and welfarist economy with an illiberal democratic government at its head. Despite being American it is heavily against NATO and is heavily Eurosceptic.

    Economic Views


    Jadedism supports a state capitalist economic model with higher government involvement in all aspects of the economy though the level of involvement would differ based on the specific sector, industries such as natural resources and the steel industry would be nationalized with compensation while utilities would also be nationalized but would be turned into free public services, banks are another sector that would be nationalized in order to help fight against the influence of the global financial elite. However, other sectors would be heavily regulate, in order to ensure private-public sector collaboration and more government involvement in commercial and innovative activities.

    Additionally, Jadedism supports a much stronger welfare state and better social programs with the current welfare programs in the U.S. receiving more of the federal budget though still with some fiscally conservative policies in place on welfare like that of Ordo-Liberalism in Germany or the government of Kazakhstan. Jadedism believes that the government should much more heavily invest in public works across the country and use it as a way to guarantee employment, Jadedism wants greater government investment into public works such as high speed rail, road systems structured away from car usage and towards public transport, oil pipelines, etc.

    New Economic Measurements

    In order to accurately reflect a modern day economy the first step is to leave money aside as a measure, GDP is at best a flawed way to measure an economy for two main reasons:

    • Economic activity that contributes to a nation's GDP fail to take into account whether such activity will lead to a more developed economy and may be harmful (speculation, drug money, green energy, gambling and prostitution, etc.)
    • GDP only measures the economy in terms of economic activity instead of development and productive ability and potential of an economy.

    In order to remedy this problem in our ways of measuring the economy we should instead measure it in Energy Flux Density (EFD), how many watts of energy each member of a society could potentially apply to the economy. This takes into account new technology and the productive potential in an economy as the energy calculated in this also goes to supporting new innovations as seen in the 1920's when the U.S. evolved from a wood energy based society to a coal based one, the new increase in energy saw things such as modern chemistry, machinery, higher forms of transportation, and electricity that transformed the lives of members of the society. As higher forms of energy are put into widespread use a nation's EFD increases to reflect new increases in productive potential and new technologies. Current estimates put the EFD of the whole world at 2,400 watts per capita, roughly equivalent to the U.S. at the time of its founding.

    A new financial model must also adopt Lyndon LaRouche's triple curve model, this model demonstrates how the growth of financial and speculative markets while in an economy with declining production, money printing will increase to try and make up the difference leading to hyperinflation and eventually an economic collapse once the nominal economy greatly overreaches the real economy. For this reason measuring the economy in EFD shows us that the real world economy is shrinking by stripping away speculative bubbles that are found all over the world such as in the current banking system, this is the first step to an economic recovery as we must see and admit that the world economy, and particularly that of the western world and United States, is in shambles. An additional system, Potential Relative Population Density (PRPD) a measure of how many people a given area of land could support taking into account the quality of the land and human improvements on it, economic growth is best measured by the growth of PRPD as it measures the potential economic activity and how many people nations are capable of supporting, this is a system that is capable of growing theoretically infinitely with increases in technology and human population and thus productive growth.

    Regulation and State Intervention

    Jadedism does not call itself a socialist despite liking several socialist leaders in history and instead supports a form of psuedo-socialist corporatism, letting workers have more of a say in the management of their workplace and have more of a share of what they create. Jadedism believes that workers should still be more involved in the business and what they make, supporting mandating of worker and government representation on boards as well as an employee ownership trust though smaller than the 20% that is often advocated. Jadedism supports a nationalization of the American steel industry and a re-industrialization of the rust belt as a nationalized steel company would be unable to outsource jobs to abroad, along with the nationalization of other key industrial sectors however other ones would remain in private hands.

    Jadedism believes that a national policy of cheap credit should be implemented for productive industries in the U.S. (farming, manufacturing, construction, mining, transportation, etc.) which would be possible to implement and maintain in the case of the reestablishment of the gold standard mentioned later on. This would be established by a system of state-owned national banks organized by the federal government, the credit for these enterprises would be made available by raising household tax exemptions, allowing families to generate savings which would be stored in the form of bank deposits, this money able to be lent out, combined with low interest rates for said loans would be the basis for national economic growth in productive industries in the U.S.

    Public Works

    Jadedism supports a much larger program of public works than what currently exists in the U.S. It supports programs such as NAWAPA, expansion of American high-speed rail, continuing construction of oil pipelines, and restructuring of roads and abolition of zoning laws against mixed use cities in order to structure America away from relying on cars and towards public transportation. It wants these new public works to be financed by credit taken out by the government in a new national banking system. The development of physical infrastructure is only the first step however, alongside this the building of a new infrastructure system via technological innovation is required with things such as nuclear fission research, as states by LaRouche PAC's website,

    "New technologies, mediated via a national system of public works, allow a new level of economy overall, which in turn provides the platform for further technological development. Thus, the continuous upgrading of the technologies available to the national generally, allows for the progressively high qualitative platforms of economic activity of society as a whole." [1]

    List of American projects

    Currently the United States is heavily lagging behind the rest of the world, particularly Asia, in the creation of a high speed rail network. A maglev rail network spanning across the United States and connecting major cities would provide thousands of jobs, contribute heavily to the productive economy, and help to reinvigorate industry and commerce in the U.S. along with other policies. The U.S. would need to seek the help of nations such as Japan in the development and creation of this rail network, this will help to foster improved international relations and provide economic benefit and further connection between both countries. The project would be funded by a national bank through providing cheap credit to the government and being payed back through the money generated from tariffs, sales taxes, and property taxes.


    Fusion Energy

    Fusion Energy and nuclear energy more generally is an extremely promising form of energy generation that has been slandered and had a vast amount of misinformation spread about it by the environmentalist green-Malthusianists. The United States should develop fusion energy as quickly as possible for a version of the method that can be widely used in power plants across the world. This is needed in order to solve the energy crisis across the world as a completely clean and efficient energy source, building these plants both in America and in other parts of the world are essential to the development of the world land bridge.

    Project Plowshare Revival

    Project Plowshare was a program in the United States to use nuclear weapons for peaceful economic purposes primarily in large scale construction projects, the project was discontinued in 1977 but a revival of the project today would generate large benefits for not only the United States but also the world. Tests from Project Plowshare revealed that the weapons were extremely effective at excavation and could drastically reduce both construction costs and the time it takes to build things such as canals and other large projects. Additional uses for the weapons would include uses in mining and natural gas extraction along with various research purposes. While there may be concerns over the impacts of the projects many of the technical complications with Project Plowshare were in the projects infancy and very high yield explosives were used.

    Military Programs

    We as a globe need to create a revival and repurposing of the Strategic Defense Initiative, this will require the repurposing of the worlds nuclear weapon arsenal to defensive purposes, as well as a crash program to build particle-beam weapons as a defensive grid against asteroids, which earth will experience an increased amount of as predicted by Lyndon LaRouche, due to the solar system entering a hot bed of asteroids. Should the earth be left undefended these asteroids will deal major damage to the earth and the countries that they will hit.

    Another program would have to be the complete destruction of the HAARP base in Alaska, for too long the CIA and thus the British has been using the base as a way to covertly attack countries that don't want to play to their interests through natural disasters such as various attacks on South American nations and the recent earthquake on Syria and Turkey as a way to attack Syria.




    Jadedism believes in breaking up the current mega-corporations into multiple medium and medium-large businesses, as well as putting additional laws in place to stop future large scale mergers of these broken-up corporations and impose size limits on businsses. This is necessary in order to force competition in the market once again as current monopoly like corporations are killing innovation and future developments in their fields by being allowed to simply kill off any competition they could have before they get too large.

    Additionally, Jadedism supports the reform of copyright and patent laws to increase requirements for patents as currently the requirements allow for vague and wide-reaching patents that damage innovation and creativity instead of helping it. On top of that, the duration of patents and copyright should be greatly reduced and intellectual property should be completely abolished.

    Current laws allowing corporations to stall and prevent trade unions from forming should also be made illegal and the laws allowing it repealed, practices like discriminating against workers trying to form unions, captive audience meetings, and stalling attempted union formation, alongside other tactics used should be made illegal and companies should face heavy fines for trying to use them. Other anti-union legislation restricting workers rights to join unions, strike, etc. should be repealed and union membership should be promoted by the government.

    ' Banking

    Jadedism believes that the modern banking and financial system in the U.S. is one of the largest reasons for the modern state of the economy, the wall street elites use them like casinos and then have the government bail then out, leaving the people to deal with the consequences. Glass-Steagall being reimplemented is a first step to remedying this however we should take measures to progressively make the banking sector more nationalized with time such as nationalizing banks with compensation and banning investment banks. The banking system has shown that if it is not highly controlled it will lead to disastrous financial bubbles like what happened in 2008. This reform wouldn't simply restructure or reform Wall Street, it would completely gut it and finally put an end to the speculative markets that plague the modern economy.

    "Following that crash, the first act of Congress should have been to correct their folly by restoring Glass-Steagall, thus eliminating the massive bubble of gambling values and erecting a firewall between the uncontrolled speculation on Wall Street and the livelihood of the American people — precisely as Franklin Roosevelt did in 1933 when the Glass-Steagall Act was first enshrined into law." [2]

    After the nationalization of the banking sector it wants to see the abolition of the central banking system in the United States as well as the federal reserve and the establishment of a national bank to replace it instead. This system is one that has been shows to work throughout the nation's history from the first national banks established by Hamilton, to Lincoln during the civil war, and Roosevelt during the depression. The national bank would serve as a way to finance federal infrastructure projects and private industry through an American credit system that is geared towards growth. The U.S. dollar would be regulated by the Treasury with capital controls being implemented as well and a new global Bretton-Woods system being implemented to once again tie the world's currencies to a stable source.


    Jadedism supports protectionism in the form of a new and worldwide Bretton Woods system as well as the revival of the Hamiltonian system of tariffs. Ideally either before or after the creation of the four-way alliance between the U.S., India, China, and Russia those nations would come to an agreement to establish a revamped version of the Bretton Woods system between them, where said nations would commit to the establishment of a gold-based world monetary system which would not only allow for the elimination of monetary inflation but also the establishment of low interest rate (between 4-6%) loans in international and domestic markets as lenders will be guaranteed that money lent will be just as valuable in the future and won't need to raise interest rates with inflation. On top of that a return to the Hamiltonian system of protectionism is needed along with new policies on top of it, neoliberalism has stripped America of productive enterprises in favor of service sectors which were promised to help "grow the economy", America's agro-industrial sectors must be brought back and kept in the country with high tariffs of 20-25% and the implementation of capital controls.


    Jadedism wants to see the government's welfare programs improved and expanded upon to counter the excesses of capitalism and in order to fight the issues of poverty and income inequality in the U.S., specific programs in that should be expanded on or added include:

    • Disability benefits
    • Social security
    • Child benefits
    • Public housing
    • Food stamps

    However, Jadedism also supports more stringent restrictions on welfare benefits, it wants all people receiving welfare programs to be routinely tested for drugs and any who test positive should have their benefits terminated and be forced into rehab, however once they exit rehab, they should be able to continue accessing programs like normal. Immigrants should also be barred from receiving most welfare programs except public housing for an as of yet undetermined length of time as a means of preventing immigrants who would enter the country and take in more than they add, becoming a leech on the system and being wildly unfair to natural born citizens.

    Jadedism supports adjusting unemployment benefits, pensions, to national inflation and cost of living, however once a federal jobs guarantee is put into place and before but to a lesser extent, Jadedism would support penalizing long-term unemployment with the complete termination of benefits for anyone who is able to work but simply refuses to do so.

    Public Services

    Jadedism believes that current public services in the U.S. have become too or completely commodified and wants to bring them back to serving the public good with some of the services being,

    • Education
    • Healthcare
    • Childcare
    • Utilities

    Jadedism supports free healthcare and largely free education for all Americans as these things are human rights that should not have to be paid for. Jadedism wants a single-payer universal healthcare system though is tolerant of private providers in some fields where it doesn't think a government provider is necessary such as mental health. In terms of education Jadedism wants free public schools and free universal childcare and funding that is less dependent on local property taxes to give very in need schools more funding, on top of that private education would be banned except for being temporarily allowed in areas with exceptionally low academic results. For post-secondary education Jadedism supports providing completely free education to anyone studying in fields such as medical, engineering, or hard science fields while degrees in areas such as the humanities would still require the person studying it to pay though still less than they would currently. Jadedism supports the nationalization of currently private utility companies though still compensating them instead of just seizing their companies and having the government manage these sectors instead, providing them to the people for free as a public service and maintaining them through taxation.

    Taxation and Spending

    On taxes Jadedism for the most part supports raising them as an alternative to spending cuts when the government's deficit gets too severe, though doesn't want taxes to get too excessive and burdensome on the economy, however Jadedism also does not support any kind of balanced budget law or amendment due to the effect this would have on the well-being of the people because of the reduction in programs and services. Jadedism supports a government maintaining a modest deficit and not spending significantly more than productive growth in the United States. Jadedism's beliefs on taxes include heavily raising sin taxes, an inheritance limit where after the limit is reached inheritance and estate taxes would be 100%, and support for progressive taxation though supporting closing loopholes for corporations and organizations. Additionally, Jadedism supports the implementation of a wealth/net worth tax of 2% on all wealth above $1 million.

    Cultural Views

    On cultural issues Jadedism has a majority conservative viewpoint on most issues such as abortion, drug legalization, feminism & traditional gender roles, and various other things however Jadedism has a more progressive view on LGBT rights.


    On abortion rights Jadedism is pro-life, opposing abortion on demand no matter how early and wanting abortion to only be legal in cases where having the child would pose a risk to the mother's health or life. Jadedism is pro-natalist, supporting policies that would encourage people to have more children such as tax breaks, child benefits, stopping birth control being covered under the ACA, maternity & paternity leave, and free childcare. Jadedism does support teaching sex education in schools however since states which do not or do it rarely such as Texas experience high rates of STD's and teenage pregnancies.

    Malthusianism and the Myth of Overpopulation

    Currently the myth of overpopulation is being pushed by the global British elite and the crown as a part of their degrowth narrative, this myth however is just that, a myth. A growing population is not something to be concerned over but something to celebrate as this growth means, as long as they are adequately cared for, a growing productive economy as more people enter into it. Instead of pushing the British narrative of degrowth and of shrinking the global population we should instead focus on using technology to improve standards of living for the new people in the world, growing food production, and giving more market connection to farmers in other countries.

    The British ideal of green-Malthusianism is the weaponized use of environmentalism and false information on the state of the climate in order to push their policies of global population reduction and of no development in other countries. Unlike other members of the LaRouche Movement, Jadedism is not a climate change denier however it is skeptical of the popular narrative that we only have a few years left which has been repeated time and time again, the promotion of "green energy" as a means to save us is a complete hoax as well with these technologies being phenomenally inefficient and only hydropower having any hope. On top of the global elite this myth of Malthusianism is being pushed by people such as the thankfully deceased traitor to the American people, child molester, and mastermind behind the assassination plot of Lyndon LaRouche, Henry Kissinger.


    On crime issues Jadedism feels like the U.S. government doesn't do enough and should be much tougher on crime, Jadedism opposes drug law liberalization though at the same time wants to have drug addicts go into rehabilitation in order to help them with their problem instead of locking them in prison, despite supporting rehabilitation for drug users Jadedism thinks that penalties for drug dealers should be much harsher and supports laws on drug dealers similar to Singapore or Malaysia where a mandatory death penalty is enforced at a certain point. For people convicted of non-drug related crimes Jadedism supports much more punitive system than the U.S. uses right now as well as much harsher sentences for gang related crime. Jadedism also supports qualified immunity for police officers with clean histories and further militarization of the police. On prisons Jadedism is opposed to private prisons and believes that it should be a state-run institution, however Jadedism thinks that currently too many resources are being wasted on prisoners and supports more punitive policies that what is currently done with prisoners.

    Jadedism is supportive of the death penalty however wants to change how it is currently done to reduce the cost and time it takes to execute someone, additionally Jadedism wants to get rid of the possibility for death row inmates to appeal their sentence as this would only further bog down the system. Ideally instead of the current lethal injection the death penalty would be changed to either firing squad or hanging.

    Banned Practices


    Gambling is something which inherently generates no value for society if we look purely at the economic side from the new economic measures I mentioned earlier, it creates no productive forces or helps to increase standard of living, casinos and institutions which facilitate gambling are simply black holes for people's money and should be put into the same category as other speculative markets, however unlike the others which can be tackled with broad financial reforms and have to be tackled directly with a ban on gambling and an immediate shut down of all casinos in the nation. Gambling is something which causes moral decay and addiction in a person, gambling addicts are no different from drug addicts in their behavior and start to view everything in terms of cost and money. WIP



    Government Views

    (Going to rewrite this section soon) On government Jadedism favors authoritarianism though is not against democracy, it favors a form of controlled or illiberal democracy since it represents a mid-way point between authoritarianism and democracy, allowing the people a voice in their government while also allowing the government to crack down on extremist or dangerous ideologies and make long term plans without having to worry about opposition reversing or altering their plans like how Singapore or Japan operate. Jadedism supports a dominant-party system as opposed to a single-party state due to a lack of political pluralism breeding more extreme ideas in people outside of the status quo, it's better to give them a small voice in the government than completely repress them. Additionally, Jadedism supports the ideas of defensive democracy which means the limitation of some rights and liberties for the sake of preserving a democratic society from anti-democratic forces within a country.

    Jadedism has a very negative view of the mainstream media and journalists and supports the government instituting stricter laws to stop news outlets from spreading false information and possibly the creation of a government-run news channel to give people a much more unbiased and factual look at the news as opposed to what mainstream news outlets do.

    Getting Rid of British Influence

    Currently the government of the United States is flooded with agents of the British Empire, while it would be impossible to get rid of all agents as most of Congress and the house would have to be tried, we should go after most of the high profile agents, with the three who need to be tried first being Robert Mueller, Barack Obama, and Dick Cheney.




    Barack Obama should go down in history as one of the worst U.S. presidents in modern history and perhaps one of the worst in U.S. history. All of Obama's policies and decisions have a disaster for the American people and caused nothing but death and destruction for them, from his healthcare reforms which forced millions of Americans into poverty with premium hikes, as well as causing reduced medical care and early death.

    On top of that Obama was directly acting in British interests with his drug policy, received from George Soros and thus ultimately the British crown. Obama effectively shut down drug enforcement programs on major companies which allowed them to produce and widely distribute highly addictive opioids to the populace, this combined with his healthcare policy led to now impoverished Americans not being able to afford Oxycontin and turning to illegal heroin on the street instead, pushing money straight into the British crowns pockets.

    Possibly the worst of Obama's acts though is his foreign policy, Obama has the blood of millions of his hands with his genocidal regime change wars where he destabilized countries for the interest of the British empire and helped them to engage in their programs of green-Malthusianism with their fascistic policies like bio-fuel which was created with the intention of increasing global food prices, a policy of genocide against the third world which would be most affected by such increasing prices. As well as his neoliberalism which led to the U.S. submitting itself to the food-import dependence and cartel-like food control.

    For all of this and more Obama should be tried as both a treasoner to American and the American people and as a war criminal, he should be made to take a stand before the Hague and face the consequences of his actions.



    Foreign Policy



    On foreign policy Jadedism supports a policy of military non-interventionism but wants to assist the countries of the world, especially developing ones economically. For this reason it is supportive of things such as BRICS and the Belt and Road initiative and believes that America should assist in these programs wherever possible and help to build on and expand them. It believes that other countries should be peacefully encouraged to adopt the ideology, or at least part of the ideology, of LaRoucheism so that they can also use their own national banking system as a way of spreading development and technology over the world and eventually the merging of both these will help to create the World Land-Bridge, bringing a cultural and economic renaissance to the world as countries are linked and benefit economically on a scale never seen before.

    It is against both a unipolar and bipolar world order, rather, it seeks to establish an alliance of the four powers of the U.S., China, India, and Russia with the possibility of Brazil and Japan as well. This alliance would be the final blow to monetarism and globalism which would help fight the British Empire and the international drug trade that it and the British crown help facilitate. This new alliance would be organized with a new Bretton Woods system between members and would see the abolition or ban of organizations such as the IMF with their loan conditions that keep developing countries poor and the WEF as an elitist and globalist organization. The completion and expansion of the World Land-Bridge would be one of the top priorities of this alliance with them also collaborating on programs such as moon and mars colonization.

    A new world order would hopefully see a boost in development aid to third world countries primarily in Africa and a moratorium on the current debt held by those countries, and a new system of development loans would be established for them that are both low interest and long term (around a 2% interest rate over a 20-year period), free of any predatory conditions or restructuring requirements that current organizations require, and if necessary a 5 year grace period for nations.

    "The New Silk Road Becomes The World Land-Bridge, A Tour" on the LaRouchePAC Videos YouTube channel does a wonderful job showing how the World Land-Bridge would look like upon completion. [3]

    World Land-Bridge Projects

    Transaqua Project

    Currently Lake Chad in Africa is rapidly dwindling, around 30 million people live in the basin surrounding the lake and rely on it for their livelihood, the Transaqua Project is a plan to refill the lake via a waterway reaching up to a tributary river of Lake Chad, diverting water from tributaries of the Congo River in the DRC and CAR to the lake to refill it with only 3-5% of runoff from the Congo River being estimated to be enough to fill the lake. Doing this would provide Central Africa with hydro power, irrigation, transport via the water, and will remove the problem of the region being landlocked. The project has been proposed as a joint development project between Italy and China, however it has been attacked by British environmentalist propaganda, who have an interest in keeping Africa poor, stating that the project will "harm the environment".

    Dakar-Port Sudan Railway

    The idea of this project has been proposed over a century ago, however a project to connect the Indian and Pacific Oceans via a continent spanning railway, From Dakar in Senegal to Port Sudan in Sudan and crossing through Mali, Niger, and Chad equaling a total of 4,000 kilometers of rail. The project would also reach down through Ethiopia to reach Kenya as well as further expanding through Ethiopia to the sea via Djibouti. Such a railway would spur growth in the countries and especially capitals of the countries it would run through as it would provide jobs, boost the economy, and allow their goods to more easily reach the international market. The hope for this project is that it could eventually turn into a massive continent-wide rail network.

    Africa Pass

    The Africa Pass would be a series of two development corridors that connect both the nations of the Great Lakes region and of the Horn of Africa, both of which currently suffer from poor infrastructure put have the potential for great water and transportation, the Africa Pass would connect the nation's output to modern roads and high-speed rail, this would come to a head at a massive seaport on the Libya-Egypt border. This project would create an export outlet for the sale of products, primarily agricultural products, currently being wasted due to a lack of markets and storage. Another part of the Africa Pass is a canal from the highlands of Eastern Congo, running through the CAR, both the Sudans, and Egypt to fill the Qattara Depression, connecting it to the Mediterranean and unlocking the hydroelectric potential of it.

    Grand Inga Dam

    Currently the DRC is harvesting the vast potential for electrical generation in the Inga dams in a limited manner, however there is a proposal for the construction of a dam 5 kilometers north of Inga Falls that would result in water being rerouted to the Bundi River Valley. The construction of several smaller dams along this valley would trap water in to form a 40 square kilometer reservoir, a loche for ships and a 200-meter-tall dam at the end of the reservoir. Along the dam, 6 hydroelectric power stations would be placed, and the water would be deposited back into the Congo River. This dam would provide an estimated 40-gigawatts of power, making it the largest in the world.

    This project is an important step forward for the DRC and Africa as a whole as it would provide immense economic growth and growth in the standard of living to the DRC and its neighbors on top of providing tens of thousands of jobs to the region. The co-operation and economic growth these benefits would provide would help greatly in stabilizing the region, the end goal of this stability would be to help the DRC and neighboring countries successfully end things that have been plaguing them for years, such as foreign control in their economy and thus political systems, all for the low cost of just $80 billion.

    Kunming-Singapore Rail Corridor

    The Kunming-Singapore Rail would be a rail system that is an extension of China's current high speed rail system that reached through South East Asia in three routes, helping to greater integrate the large populations there into the world economy and bring prosperity and development to the region. The central line will pass through Northern Laos and then move onto Vientiane, before going down through Thailand to reach Bangkok, from there it will continue southwards until it reaches the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur and then comes to completion in Singapore. The eastern line would go down across the coast line of Vietnam, running through Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City before going through Cambodia and Phnom Penh before it merges with the central line in Bangkok. Finally, the western line would travel through Myanmar, passing through many cities there including the capital of Yangon before once again merging with the other lines in Bangkok.

    Kra Canal

    The Kra canal is a proposed canal cutting through the Kra isthmus in southern Thailand that would allow ships to bypass travelling through the Malacca straight. This canal would prove to be a major boon for the development of not only Thailand but would be a starting point for wider SE Asian economic growth and development. This project would help to turn Thailand into a shipping and economic hub in SE Asia akin to Panama in the Americas, additionally the industrial zones planned to be built on both ends of the canal would also prove to be another boost to the Thai economy. Currently, SE Asia is an area where a sizable amount of trade passes through, however there is a large amount of inefficiency in the trade routes that the canal would help fix, large ships that require deep water are unable to pass through the Malacca Straight and need to take a detour through Indonesia to reach their destinations.

    This project would prove to be a blow to the British maritime empire and would help to break their strategy of no development in other countries, for this reason the British have launched a campaign against the canal for years, using their usual tactics of environmentalist neo-Malthusian propaganda to try and stop the canal being built. The canal would be an important project for China as it would help them more easily and efficiently reach their projects such as deep water ports in Pakistan and Sri Lanka that would develop the Indian subcontinent.

    Bataan Nuclear Power Plant


    Aral Sea Project

    Currently the Aral Sea sits heavily depleted for the irrigation project the Soviets subjected it to, this has subjected the surrounding areas in Central Asia to damaging weather conditions from the seas disappearance, however the sea can be replenished without having to destroy the irrigation system that the first project established by using runoff from rivers in Siberia as a kind of Eurasian NAWAPA. In the Altai mountains, an area of high precipitation and that leads into the Irtysh and Ob rivers which drain into the Arctic ocean, a dam being built where the two rivers meet and drain into the arctic would create a reservoir by diverting approximately 8% of the runoff water, a potentially navigable canal would then be constructed either directly from the reservoir or from slightly further after partially reversing the Irtysh rivers. A series of pumping stations would then pump the water until it reaches northern Kazakhstan, from then on, the water will flow by gravity to replenish the Aral Sea.

    Myanmar Development Corridor

    The Chinese have proposed a development corridor from Kunming to Myanmar to ensure Middle Eastern oil gets to Kunming safely. The development corridor is planned along the path of the pipelines from Myanmar to China, the corridor will then branch to both Yangon and the Rakhine State. This increase in development in these areas would hopefully help prevent more tensions from building among minority groups after the signing of a ceasefire, as well as allowing the Rohingya currently displaced in Bangladesh to return to their home. A key problem to see dealt with in Myanmar is the nation's rampant opium production, there must be an international military operation in Myanmar to help fight against the opium problems in Myanmar, burning opium fields, waging war on drug lords, and most importantly bringing development to the regions affected to create regular jobs and alleviate poverty.

    Euro-Africa Integration


    Balkan Developments


    Ice Silk Road


    Project Pheonix


    Persian Gulf Maritime Silk Road Connection


    Oasis Plan

    The oasis plan is a development plan for Palestine to help rebuild it, prevent more conflict, and improve the living standard and economy of the people living there, peace through development is the best solution for a lasting peace not only in Palestine but in the entire Middle East. The plan addresses the greatest obstacle to development in the region, water, the project envisions the construction of a series of desalination plants that would help turn the abundant sea water into drinkable fresh water. Additionally, the creation of two new canals where more desalination plants would be constructed, connecting the Red Sea to the Dead Sea and the Dead Sea to the Mediterranean would be a must for development in the region, they would not be for shipping such as the Suez canal but instead for water transportation and possible hydropower along the way. The construction of nuclear power plants along the canals and on the nation's shores is another large part of the projects goal, the desalinated sea water, which besides drinking could be used to reclaim vast amounts of land and green the region to greatly expand farming and would also power industrialization in the region. The increase in availability of water must also be followed by an increase in transportation infrastructure in the region, forming a network in the region that would turn it into a hub for connectivity in the world, with a highway running through the West Bank, Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip a requirement for the rebuilding and economic development of the areas most affected by fighting.

    Bering Strait Link




    Nicaragua Canal


    Transcontinental Rail Line


    Yachay, "City of Knowledge"


    Views on Specific Conflicts

    On the issue of China Jadedism supports the mainland government taking back Taiwan as well as cutting U.S. support, both military and otherwise to the island. While formerly being very against Xi Jinping, recently Jadedism has come around to a less hostile stance towards him and China wishing for closer relations between his government and America as this would further along the process of America becoming involved in things such as the Belt and Road initiative and BRICS, making the expansion and improvement of these faster and more widespread.
    Jadedism is unsupportive of independence in Xinjiang and Tibet as the regions are either important to China economically in the case of Xinjiang as the state would be a connection between China and Central Asia for the projects there under the Belt and Road or are rightfully Chinese as is the case in Tibet. The U.S. should not take any aggressive actions in or against China as both countries and others around the world would benefit from the two co-operating and being allies rather than trying to undermine each other and being enemies.

    Jadedism is pro-Russia and believes that the Russian invasion was the right course of action due to the western puppet government installed in Ukraine and the presence of CIA compounds on the Ukraine-Russia border confirmed by the CIA themselves, as well as this having been turned into a proxy war by the British Empire and a simple way to fuel the military-industrial complex. However, despite being supportive of Russia, it acknowledges the mistreatment of Ukrainian civilians at the hands of the Russian army and condemns this accordingly, however also condemns and acknowledges the atrocities committed at the hands of parts of Ukraine's armed forces. It opposes the U.S. and other western governments sending any more aid or military equipment to Ukraine and wants them to lift all sanctions currently places on Russia, with both of these Ukraine would fall very shortly afterwards. Due to Ukrainian mistreatment of the Russian speaking population in the area, and the territory being predominantly Russian, it supports Russia being granted all of their claimed territory in the Donbass and Crimea, as well as giving land in the north-western part of Ukraine back to Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, and Poland.

    On Israel-Palestine Jadedism supports Palestine as no amount of persecution throughout history can justify what the IDF is doing to Palestinian civilians which constitutes genocide, on top of that Israel serves only to further the interests of neoconservatives in the Middle East after the original purpose of being created by the British Empire as a way to kick Jews out of Europe after WW2, and further our meddling with the countries there, however, it wants a two-state solution between Palestine and an independent state of Jerusalem due to the city's importance between people of all groups in the holy land. Additionally, the Israeli occupation of the Golan Heights should be ended, and the territory retuned back to its rightful owner in the Syrian government.

    It does not support Hamas but views them as a useful tool against Zionism, Jadedism acknowledges that Hamas is a terrorist organization and would not support them taking power in Palestine in the event of a victory as they would likely end up creating a theocratic jihadist state. Instead, it supports the current Fatah government of the West Bank or a Ba'athist party in the event of one's creation. There would be open borders between Palestine and the Independent City of Jerusalem, after Israeli war criminals were tried and executed any Israeli citizen who would not feel safe living under the government of Palestine would be free to enter and live in Jerusalem instead.

    While the events of October 7th were a tragedy, and deliberate attacks on civilians are something unjustifiable, the mainstream portrayal of the event is wrong and propaganda, October 7th was a cumulation of events from decades of oppression committed by Israel against the people of Palestine. Additionally, the portrayal of Israel as a pure victim in this attack is completely wrong, the Israeli government created more deaths on both sides of the conflict with their deliberate attacks on their own people and complete fabrications of events such as mass rape as Israeli women and infants being beheaded. [4]

    Jadedism does not feel well educated enough on the situation in India-Pakistan to share his opinions of them.


    Jadedism is pro-Assad, it believes that he is a legitimate, popular leader that the mainstream "media" is simply lying about to drive Neo-conservative propaganda. The western world and its allies have committed numerous hostile acts, most often unprovoked, on the government of Syria with examples including supporting the SDF and Islamists, both of which are terrorists and staging chemical attacks to frame the Syrian government[5] [6], before launching attacks on Syrian territory.


    What the Korean peninsula needs isn't a greater escalation of military conflicts and tensions, a policy of peace through development and cooperation is what is needed in order for a peaceful and successful reunification. This kind of policy was seen in the past of the Koreas with Rason Special Economic Zone, a project that the warmongering Nazi Barack Obama forced the South Korean government to abandon, wanting to keep the current situation in Korea as a way to maintain global influence and form a ring around China. Projects like this are what is necessary though with things like a railway running across the Korean peninsula that would connect to rails in China and Russia in the Eurasian land bridge and an undersea tunnel between Japan and Korea. Additionally, the Korean economies must become more integrated with new projects such as the North Korean industrial park where South Korean companies produced with North Korean labor, which was also forcibly shut down by Obama, would make talks of unification much more productive and easy should international sanctions currently in place on North Korea be lifted. The global community must play a role too in Korean unification, helping to provide food and energy support for the north while also assisting in repurposing the north's nuclear potential to energy and productive purposes. A unified Korea would provide not only immense stability benefits to the world but also a new economic boom in both of the Korea's, the North has a cheap but skilled workforce in industry while the south has highly advanced technology for the productive economy and a problem with youth unemployment that could be solved with jobs in productive industries, a reunification could help finally regulate and downsize the monopolies that dominate the south's economy as well. The political system and what to do with the Kim dynasty is something that should be decided by the Korean people alone though Jadedism is in favor of keeping the dynasty in power of some form.

    Venezuela WIP

    Yemen WIP

    Iran WIP

    Turkey WIP

    The British, Never Our Allies

    The British Empire has, throughout history, been the greatest enemy of America and of the world. Even to this day their financial empire has had terrible consequences at the world expense for the benefit of London oligarchs, who are responsible for the control of the world monetary and financial decisions through the system of private central banking established by them and spread across the world with examples of such British controlled institutions being the Bank of England, Federal Reserve, and The European Central Bank. This is followed by the establishment of offshore bank accounts by said elites which are used to bankroll the international drug trade, human trafficking, and illicit arms sales. As well the British Empire is responsible for the murder of more people than Hitler, Stalin, and Mao combined through their actions and has been behind various plots throughout history to weaken America (The Civil War, 9/11, the Gulf War, assassinating multiple presidents, and currently pushing the U..S. towards WW3), turn it into an enforcer for Anglo interests, and prevent the development of the world through their "environmentalism", this goal of theirs is put forth by the British and other European elites together with their treasonous partners in the U.S. The British empire is the true enemy of the U.S. in the modern day and throughout history, and is the enemy of every other country around the earth as well.


    How to Draw



    This is about the ideologies and not the people who believe them, even if I put your ideologies in enemies that doesn't mean I dislike you as a person :)

    • Bismarckism - An amazing German leader, welfarist and paternalistic
    • Bonapartism - Even if you two hated each other, both of you were still great and inspirational leaders of your countries.
    • Longism - An amazing senator from American history, even if I don't agree with all your policies like the wealth cap.
    • New Deal Liberalism - One of the best presidents in American history, the internment camps were horrible though.
    • Ba'athism & Arab Socialism - Assad, Saddam, and Nasser were all great leaders. Non-Marxist and Anti-Communist socialism is great even if I wouldn't call myself a socialist.
    • Gaddafism - Always epic you came to age like the finest wine, even if you did make a few mistakes like supporting the Shining Path.
    • Xi Jinping Thought - So far, the greatest leader in Chinese history, BRICS, the Belt and Road, regulating corporations in China, etc. plus you don't seem to serious about that whole "socialism by 2050" thing. It's a shame the U.S. can't see how much better you would be as an ally than an enemy.
    • Gallowayism - Almost exactly me! I can almost forgive him being a Brit...almost.
    • Yanukovychism - Ukraine would have been better off if it has just stayed under you, unfortunately the Anglos and neocons had to have you removed in a coup.
    • Chavismo - A strong leader who stood up to the British run world monetary institutions. The economic crisis wouldn't have happened if it weren't for predatory loans, sanctions, and speculation.
    • Mugabeism - Same as above.
    • The Greyzone - Only media outlet I can trust, you guys show the truth no one else is covering, stop with the Russophilia though.
    • LaRoucheism - Lyndon LaRouche was one of the greatest thinkers of our time! I don't agree with you guys on everything, but you were one of the largest influences on my ideology.
    • Hezbollahism & Houthis - Great movements in their respective countries, best of luck in your fight against Zionism.
    • Patriotism - Hating my countries government doesn't mean I don't love my country. Love it or leave it baby!
    • Authoritarian Democracy - In my opinion the best form of democracy, I would much prefer this to liberal democracy.
    • Conservative Socialism - Not gonna lie this would probably be me if I were more left wing, I like where this is going especially the non-Marxist socialists.
    • Yellow Socialism - This is a good idea but tone down on the anti-Semitism and reactionaryism.
    • Social Corporatism - Class collaboration and a strong welfare state? Amazing.


    • Khomeinism - I would like you same as Ba'athism and Gaddafism if you weren't a theocratic asshole.
    • Tatmadaw - I would like you if you weren't an ethno-nationalist, your coup against this bitch was based though.
    • Lukashenkoism - To be honest I think I would have actually liked you a lot if you weren't a homophobe, anti-Semite, and Russian puppet.
    • Forth Theory - Dugin was an influence to a small degree and you do have a few good points to your ideology, however I still disagree with a lot of it. Maybe we could jointly occupy Alaska?
    • Ikki Kita - Ikki Kita was another based non-Marxist socialist, but the whole imperialism thing really counteracts that. And what the fuck do you mean by making Esperanto the new world language?!
    • Capitalism - I do like this system, I really do, however in the modern day the economy really needs to be more regulated and intervened in by the government so make sure everything is fair.
    • Socialism - I don't like most of your applications in the modern day, however you do make some good points. I much prefer state capitalism to you though.
    • Technocracy - While I do like some aspects of your ideology, you're too undemocatic (and pretentious).
    • Paleoconservatism - You can have some pretty based takes sometimes but you also have a lot of shit takes like decentralization, anti-LGBT, and deregulation.
    • Juche - Now I should probably hate you, but you are based with how you stand up to western imperialism and intervention, also Kim Jong-Il removed Marxism-Leninism from your constitution so that also bumps you up.


    • Zelenskyism & Ukrainophilia - Corrupt assholes who the U.S. wastes billions funding, how a government can literally have a kill list online and still have the west support them this much is baffling. Also I'm not pro-Russia but Zelensky is just a western puppet.
    • Fabian Socialism - British Empire's mouth piece for their policies to keep the world under their control.
    • Corporatocracy - It's your fault so many young people today are so opposed to capitalism! Lobbying the government is horrible as well.
    • Neoliberalism - Second verse same as the first, now give me a weapon so I can put him in a hearse.
    • Neoconservatism - You toppled so many amazing leaders in different countries, plus you're a warmonger imperialist who just wants to line the pockets of huge companies.
    • Liberalism - Modern liberalism caused the world to become the way it currently is, your ideas will just cause more of the same in the world.
    • Social Democracy & Democratic Socialism - Literally just left wing neoliberals, keep going I'm sure raising taxes by 3% will help get us out of our current situation.
    • Anti-Fascism - I may be against fascism but Antifa is a group of terrorists, how about next time they have one of their little riots we send out the national guard with orders to fire at will?
      • “Fun fact. You can’t actually join Antifa. As it’s not an organization, but actually a loose movement!” -
    • Fascism - I may be a patriot but ultranationalism is idiotic, in general this ideology is just dumb.
    • Nazism - The above but even worse, brain rot the ideology.
    • Alt-Right - Like the above but for the modern day, just a keyboard warrior without the balls to take their bullshit ideology publicly.
    • Racism - I may joke about being a racist but in reality this is just dead wrong, your not the master race you're just an edgy 14 year old in the Midwest.
    • Libertarianism - Laisse-faire is horrible and just utopian capitalism, society also needs paternalism to make sure everyone can be looked after and cared for. You complain about the "nanny state" like that would be a bad thing.
    • Libertarian Socialism - You're almost as bad as the previous guy but most of you are even more utopian somehow.
    • Anti-Authoritarianism - Quit your whining, authoritarian government's get shit done. Also, down with color revolutions!
    • Anarchism (All Forms) - The most utopian of the utopian, all forms of anarchism are stupid left, right, or center. You can't trust people to act good without at least some sort of government to keep them in check and self-defense alone can easily go overboard.
    • Marxism - This is where socialism went wrong, I greatly prefer people like the Arab socialists where socialism is the end goal instead of this classless, moneyless, and abolishing private property bullshit.
    • Marxism-Leninism - Another Marxist, you did some good stuff within the Soviet Union but not anywhere near enough to cover for all the bad.
    • Maoism - Kakistocratic communism, did a small amount of good for China, and when I say small I mean small.
    • Hoxhaism - Kept Albania in poverty and horrid living conditions for decades.
    • Marxism-Leninism-Maoism - Psycho communist who cares more about causing terror attacks and killing infants than actually helping the people.
    • Stalinism - God you were such a fuck up, paranoid pedo who has the blood of millions of his people on his hands.
    • Trotskyism - The one thing I can agree with ML's on is fuck Trots.
  • Belousism - Not a big fan of monarchy and you're a bit too far economically left for me, but besides that this seems alright. It does feel like a big shit post though.
  • Oreoism - I'm not a big fan of full on socialism especially not Luxembourg but you don't make any mention of being a Marxist or a communist so that's not too big of a deal for me, the rest of your ideology looks pretty good, always live seeing someone against NATOites here.
  • Mixed

    • Stefithought - Your ideology leaves a lot to be desired and I think your annoying but you did help me with my page so I can't dislike you.
    • Wathenheindism - Same as above but not annoying.
    • New World Socialist Model - Well you may be a socialist but despite the vibes I first got from your page you aren't a Stalinist or anything like that, Titoism isn't the worst thing ever, overall not good but far from terrible.
    • Phill Tchaikovskism - Libertarianism and Urbism is cringe but to be honest your economics aren't the worst thing so it's not all bad.
    • Humanitarian Socialism - Your views aren't horrible, I like the ideals behind your economics though not the implementation of them, and even if I dislike a lot of your cultural views, I can admire someone who just wants people to be left alone as long as they aren't harming anyone. In general, you have a lot of good ideals but poor implementation of them.
    • Corwin Schott Theory - Progressive and a NATO supporter, however, a lot of back and forth with what's good and bad about other parts of your ideology stop you from going lower.
    •  Daniello - More progressive on me about multiculturalism and feminism but overall your ideology isn't horrible.
    • Kyaelism - I disagree with a lot of your economic and civil views but I don't see anything that I find super wrong or bad, not much to it tbh.
    • HeredyBall - Another Marxist, at least you seem more for markets than the others. Besides that the rest of your ideology isn't bad but it's a shame to see someone as smart as you fall for green-Malthusian propaganda.


    • Meowxism - Nothing against you but I really hate this ideology, I hate communism and Marxism and being as progressive as you is just adding to that. I'm sure you'd be fine to have a conversation with though.
    • Marxism-leninism-blaykeism: Probably one of my best discord friends but I very heavily disagree with your ideology.
    • Artel Thought - HEW Thought seems really cool but the rest suck, most of the ideologies here are a bunch of lolbert or anarchist progressives and market socialism is far from my economic systen.
    • Genosse Owens Thought - You seem like a chill guy but tbh your ideology is pretty bad, Marxism, State Atheism, Revolution, etc., at least your cool with technology and hate libs and trots
    • - I think I just didn't read over your page very well the first time because looking over it now after you changed to a laisse-faire lover, I think you might have some kind of mental disability. Still have a good take on consumerism though.
    • - Basic neocon, your economic ideas aren't horrible but they're still far from good. However, our geopolitical views are almost opposites.
    • - To be honest there isn't a lot for me to say here, Marxist, environmentalist, and far too progressive for my taste, at least being against racism and being pro-lgbt is cool.
    • Danielism - A fellow national bank enjoyer, but you're way too deregulated, plus fascism and monarchism land you here. At least you're fine with lgbt rights so you're one of the more tolerable fascists.
    • Post-Owensism - A left accelerationist ML, maybe left accelerationism is slightly less retarded than right accelerationist (emphasis on slightly) but overall, just a worse version of your main.
    • Gualguaiapathy - You remind me a lot of my old ideology, almost exactly like it in fact.
    • - Not gonna lie, you do almost everything wrong, extremely progressive, Nrx and opposed to property rights, accelerationism, etc.
    • Ego-Libertarian Marxism - Scratch what I said above, this is doing almost everything wrong, at least you don't say you're a left accelerationist so that's good but unlike above you're a lolbert, secular satanist (go big or go home smh), feminist, and Marxist.
    • Lavenism - A communist but helped slightly more by being culturally right wing, not enough to move you above this tier though.
    • - Sorry for leaving you for so long, another God damn Marxist, market socialist, and progressive, being an alter-globalist and as focus as you are on technology is good but the rest of your ideology is so shit. Also, don't you fucking compare me to a fascist party.
    • Third Aquarian Model - FFS another Marxist, not only that but one of the biggest shills for the British environmentalist hoax, the degrowth movement is a plot by the British crown for their campaign of global depopulation, the earth has most than enough to sustain more people than we have now if we just expanded and built on what we have like I explained in my Potential Relative Population Density section. Also, while we should love our fellow man, we shouldn't be blinded by this and let it consume our entire political system.
    • - Post-Leftism and Mutualism are both terrible, anarchy as well. Besides the ideology though, from your page you're the most annoyingly pretentious person I've ever met on this site.
    • My old ideology - I'm so glad I grew up out of you.

    Add Requests


    • Danielism - Hey Meridian, (are you Ok with me calling you that, by the way?), I just have a quick question about the Cornerstone Alliance. Who do you think we should add to it? I would like some more rightist ideologies, so who do you think would like to join?
      • - Hey, it's fine if you call me that, unfortunately I don't really know any right-wingers here, maybe try Idrinklisterine and whatever his self-insert was called?
    • EWBR2006 Thought - (Sees that you unironically identify as an incel, think Xi Jinping is a good leader, supporting fake democracy, and against environmentalism because you think it's "mUh ToOl Of BrItIsH iMpErIaLiSm") Oh good Lord, what the fuck is this?
      • - Have you never heard of Lyndon LaRouche or LaRoucheism before?
        • EWBR2006 Thought - Before I wrote the comment, no, and fuck that guy for being an anti-environmentalist. Environmentalism is not a "tool of the British", it is just a movement supporting nature.
          • - Adding this, (sees he unironically supports Hezbollah and Houthis)
    • - Why am I in the bad relation if my self-insert isn't too bad (bro I literally made this pixel art for this comment)
      • - Sorry, mistake on my part. Moved you up to mixed.
        • - Also I do NOT advocate for human killing for the environment
          • - I'm not saying you personally do, but I use the name because the British crown is the one propagating it and that's their intentions even if they aren't yours.
            • - I'm not even British (it surely isn't the point tho, so I accept my fate and will re-ask you when I'm done with my page)
    • Abrokendoor - Which side would you pick during the Iran-Iraq War and why?
      • - I would say I'd side with Iraq during the war, it's kind of a close call for me but I do like very much like ba'athism as opposed to a theocracy, even if I do also like Iran. It was unfortunate it happened to begin with but if I had to pick a side I would side with Saddam and Iraq.
        • Abrokendoor - Got it. That's exactly the answer I expected to be honest, yet another topic we'd deeply disagree about. I'm not sure if I would refer to the deliberate invasion and subsequent war by Saddam, responsible for 500000 deaths, as simply "unfortunate" though.
    • - To be fair, I understand where you're coming from, and I'm not really that much of a post-leftist- to start, I believe praxis and revolution to be effective, and libertarian mutualist-communism. I'm also not that pretentious, I'm pretty silly,, I only act like this because on FPCB there are much MUCH more pretentious people that made me genuinely extremely depressed. Sorry for coming off wrong, and I hope my page doesn't taint your view of me. May rework it to be more genuine and less harsh-reading.
      • - Alright do you want me to redo the part about your ideology? Also sorry if I came across as a bit harsh with what I said to, my days been pretty shit so that probably affected what I wrote, I'll redo it tomorrow.
        • - Thank you, I hope your day gets better.


    1. I identify more with socialism than free market capitalism, I have been moving further to the economic left over the years and becoming a full on non-Marxist socialist in the future isn't unlikely.
    2. Not a climate change denier, just opposed to environmentalism as it's a British tool.
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