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    Italian Liberal Socialism

    Italian Liberal Socialism, shortened to Italian LibSoc is an Italian ideology.

    Italian LibSoc describes himself as "Liberal Socialist" or "Democratic Socialist" but is actually centrist and allied to conservative parties.

    Famous Italian LibSocs would be Mario Draghi or even Silvio Berlusconi.


    The first appearance of Italian LibSoc was in the 1920s when left-wing liberals and Radlib.png radicals formed the Democrazia Sociale despite it's name the party it joined the Fash.png fascist–led National Bloc and National List.

    In 1947 the Partito Socialista Democratico Italiano which originally a Socdem.png social democratic split from PSI when they formed an alliance with ML.png PCI. Over the years and as Socdem.png PSI moderated itself to also form an alliance with Cdem.png DC, PSDI became a centrist party despite its name. When Craxi took over in the PSI he transformed the party to an even more moderate social democratic pro-Atlanticist party.

    After the Mani pulite and the collapse of the First Republic, many former PSI & PSDI members joined the Con-t.png conservative Forza Italia and the centre-right coalition including Berlusconi and Craxi's daughter. Some of them formed minor parties which remained loyal to FI while adopting the names of their old parties.

    A more recent event even was when the centre-left File:Cball-Sardinia.png sardinian nationalist PSd'Az joined the right-wing Rpop-tinfoilhat.png Lega.





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