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    Italian Democratism is an economically center-left and Culturally left ideology which represents the political ideology of the Italian Democratic Party (PD). The Democratic Party is a big tent center-left party, which includes left-wing and centrist factions, and is inspired by Social democratic values. His exponents strongly support Welfare state extension, environment protection and progress, both social and economic.



    The Democratic Party was born in 2007 with the merger of the Democrats of the Left, successors of the Democratic Party of the Left and before the Italian Communist Party; and The Daisy, a centrist party adhering to Christian democratic ideas, successor of the Italian People's Party and Christian Democracy.

    Renzi Leadership

    In 2013, the Democratic Party won the general elections at the head of the centre-left grand coalition, inaugurating the Letta government. In 2014, after the liberal Matteo Renzi won the elections for the leadership of the PD, his figure became considerably popular, and, on 13 February, the National Council of the PD decided to dissolve the Letta government and to entrust Renzi with the task to form a new government. With his premiership, the PD moved towards economic liberalism, monetarist policies and adopted the Third Way philosophy. Renzi has also implemented a controversial and hated Jobs Act, he didn't resolve the immigration crisis and did a secret pact with the famous conservative politician Silvio Berlusconi.

    Post-Renzi PD

    After the fall of Renzi Government in 2016, Paolo Gentiloni became Prime Minister and led a center-left government until the 2018 general election. Those elections were won by Five Star Movement and the Lega per Salvini Premier. In 2019, the First Conte Government fell, and a new Conte government was inaugurated with the PD and its socialist son. That was a left-wing, progressive and environmentalist government. In 2019, a centrist liberal faction within the PD led by former PM Matteo Renzi left the party and formed Italy Alive. That was followed by Carlo Calenda, a liberal socialist who also left and formed We Are Europeans.




    Green-Left Alliance - My best ally!

    DS - SocDem dad!

    The Daisy - My Christian mom!

    Democratism - American fella!


    Five Starism - We can be allies, we share the same ideas! But leaving Draghi in 2022 was not cool...


    Italy Alive - F*ck you!

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