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    Islamophobia is an ideology and attitude which discrimination, prejudice or hatred directed at Muslims and the religion of Islam. In some cases it will mistake Sikhs as Muslims and discriminate them as well, due to the Sikhs also similar religious headwear known as the dastar.




    • European Federalism - STOP. LETTING. THEM. IN! Can't you see what Europe has become? France isn't even French anymore, Germany has Turks everywhere, and Sweden is a Kurdish colony!
    • Nazism - You focused way too much on the Jews and cooperated with Muslims instead! Your modern followers are more based.
    • Bismarckism - Idk, but the text you wrote of Muhammad was gay.
    • Neoconservatism - 'IT'S WAR! THEY DECLARED WAR!!! I told you not to help Saudi Arabia! And doesn't help that you helped Al-Qaeda's rise.
    • Progressivism - Initially your ideas goes against Islam, but how you treat Muslim refugees reminds me of Stockholm Syndrome.
    • Manosphere - I hate you, considering you the personification of Islamic patriarchal oppression, but some of your western followers are against Islam.
    • Secularism - They want to kill you for your disbeliefs.
    • Liberal Feminism - Why the hell do you like these guys?
    • Pantheonism - Not radical enough! Otherwise decent.
    • Islamophobic Prohibitionism - You seem to think that Musl*ms are alcoholics. Isn’t alcohol haram?
    • EWBR2006 Thought and DECBism - You both hate (most) Middle Eastern governments for different reasons and aren't M*slim nor ethnically Arabic, Turkic, Iranic, and other ethnicities which are majority M*slim, but why not take a step further and hate Isl*m as a whole? What do you mean you all hate me?
    • Rojtavs - Thankfully that you dropped this Isl*m for the second time, but wait... Why do you consider me wrong? Do you know that most M*slim countries hate and ban LGBT? Come on, ignore to all M*slims, they are all terrible terrorists and homophobes!
      • - Shut up! I can’t hate Islam, just most Muslim countries hate and ban LGBT, this doesn’t mean that being Muslim will automatically become homophobic, there are Muslim queers like gay, transgender, etc in the world, especially in the Western world. Being an Islamophobe is absolutely pointless and terrible! Stop justifying this religion and wasting your time! I'M SICK OF YOU, RACIST SCUM!!!


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