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    Islamic Feminism is an ideology and movement that is one of the daughters of Relfem.png Religious Feminism. She focuses on Islamic beliefs and ideals while achieving (mostly full) gender equality for women. A big minority of Islamic feminists are Shiite (adherents of the Shia sect of Islam), Most are progressive or moderate Sunnis. This version of Sunni Islam is seen in Morocco, Algeria, Turkey and Tunisia. Others are non denominational Muslims which mean they are either Quranists (Muslims that only believe in the Quran and maybe a few Hadiths for references), or selective when it comes to Hadiths or open to interpreting the Hadiths differently. It may sound ridiculous but it's sort of a fusion of conservative and religious ideology with women's rights sprinkled in especially considering Islam is a lot more liberal with abortions/contraceptives than other religions. Additionally, in this regard, Islam was progressive for its time.


    She is one of the only openly religious feminists, while most feminists are progressive and so usually opposed to some aspects of religion, she combines feminist aspect of progressivism with religion. This makes her looked down upon by both very conservative very religious people, as well as often by very progressive people. Still, she's optimistic and proud of her religion for espousing equality, which is what she tries to tell both Islamophobes and conservatives.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Islamic Feminism
    1. First Draw a circle (imperfect so you can submit it to the wiki and subreddit)
    2. Make a Candy shape on top left of your circle
    3. Draw two circles underneath the candy but perfectly aligned from the edges medium size
    4. Draw a Crescent with a star (Islamic symbol it's actually a turkish symbol adopted by Muslims but that's a complicated subject) place the symbol on the top right of the left eye also make sure they intersect a little
    5. Place a cross ( not a christian symbol it's a part of the international female symbol with the crescent on top) Make sure the crescent and cross touch each other and it's aligned with the far right of the left eye.
    6. Finally color everything that isn't inside the eyes, crescent or cross green.
    7. Go back to the candy shape on the top left of the circle and color it red that's it!



    • Islamic Democracy.png Islamic Democracy - Thanks, brother I love you so much for giving me better rights! Could you maybe ban polygamy though?
    • Absoc.png Arab Socialism - My Arab sisters like being under you we can into ARAB! Could use more religion though. At least you helped women, my infidel friend.
    • Relfem.png Religious Feminism - For our mothers and sisters, we shall believe in God Allah.
    • Cdem.png Christian Democracy - A believer of God, with great women's rights!


    • Kemal.png Kemalism - Great how you fought off imperialism and made an Islamic country respected internationally, but why are you ashamed of being Muslim? Latinising the Turkish alphabet, restricting the hijab, making Hagia Sophia a museum.
    • Muslim 2.png Islamic Theocracy - We are both muslims, but you're too conservative. It's not the 7th century anymore, so no more with this concubine bullshit!
    • Lib.png Liberalism - I support your basic political ideas, but don't like your views on social issues. Also, surely the liberal ideas of pluralism and individual rights give the right to be a devout Muslim woman right?
    • Christy.png Christian Theocracy - A fellow follower of God, but maybe focus a bit more on women's rights.
    • Laicism.png Laicism - Half and half.


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