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    Islamic Fascism or Islamic Nazism, is an ideology that is similar to Clerical Fascism in how they believe that a Fascist state should be in unity with Christian churches, however, the main difference is that they believe that a Fascist state should be in unity with the local representatives of the Islam. Fascism is generally incompatible with Islamic ideas, so it is unknown how Islamofascism was created.



    In Egypt there was an Islamic Fascist party know as the Young Egypt Party, also known as the Green Shirts. It is notable for having a young Gamal Abdel Nasser as a member.

    In the late 1940s, the Young Egypt party almost disappeared from the political scene. As a result of the repressive measures that were practiced against them, and as a result of the changes that occurred in Egyptian society during and after World War II. Ahmed Hussein was a frequent guest in prisons, and after World War II he took a hard line, and demanded the immediate evacuation of the British from the Nile Valley, The Young Egypt party cooperated with other parties in campaigns to boycott English products

    In 1948 , the Young Egypt Party created a political and social program that revealed some of its inclinations towards socialism. Its program indicated the extension of the prevailing thinking in the national movement before the end of World War II , which is the change within the boundaries of the existing system, regardless of the rebellion against it. This conservative spirit appeared in a general program. 1948 in that he kept his traditional slogan (God.. the homeland.. the king), considering that the cornerstone of the constitution is the “ constitutional monarchy ,” as the conservative spirit was represented in his social program, and in his attempt to improve social and economic conditions and achieve independence, ignoring the idea of ​​class conflict.

    However, the program identified some important points in the line of intellectual development of the party, and in overcoming the old concept, it called for the prohibition of foreign ownership and lease of land of all kinds, the prohibition of foreign ownership of companies of public interest, and the liquidation of the Suez Canal Company by describing the canal as a public Egyptian facility, and the program demanded that an upper limit be set . For agricultural ownership, direct and indirect taxes on basic commodities for the people should be abolished, and he demanded some reforms in the wages of workers, and limiting their working hours to eight hours per day.

    The party demanded the abolition of all laws that oppose Islamic law, It seems that the direct goal behind this demand was to compete with the Muslim Brotherhood in the matter of defending religion and its issues, but the party demanded the preservation of man-made laws while limiting amendment and change to what contradicts them. With Islamic law, and consultant and historian Tariq Al-Bishri believes that “the party put this demand in a secular mold” as an attempt to absorb part of the Brotherhood’s popularity and its reputation.

    There was a development in the party's ideology, but it did not reach the level of revolutionary ideology, so the reformist ideas were from within the system, and not outside it. On the other hand, the goals of Young Egypt were rejected by the regime, and Al-Bishri believes that “the party's program was temporary,” but it put the party at a crossroads, and it had to step forward to clash with the existing regime.

    Then there was a change in the Young Egypt Party. In the beginning, its slogan was (God.. the homeland.. the king), and (we glorify the king, and we rally around his throne). Then it was replaced by the slogan (God.. the people), and the king was dropped from the slogan and the people were replaced by it. A clear indication of the desire for change. Indeed, it changed its name from “Young Egypt” to “The Socialist Party.” Ahmed Hussein considered that “socialism is at the heart and core of Islam.”

    In its new program, the party limited agricultural ownership to fifty acres, and demanded that collective production replace individual production, and that major industries, utilities, and others be owned by the state. The party's goal was the liberation of Egypt, the independence of the Nile Valley, the unification of all Arab peoples in one state, similar to the United States, and the formation of a single Arab army. The party rejected the principle of negotiation to achieve independence, and attacked the United States and its economic encroachment on Egypt through the dollar.

    The party explained its distinction in adopting socialism as opposed to communism, as it saw that communism rejects the past and rejects religion, while believing socialism basis is religion. Ahmed Hussein always emphasized the principle of belief in God Almighty, and that Islam is a religion and a state, and he used to raise the slogan: “Islam forbids usury, therefore it forbids capitalism. "And that colonialism is the pinnacle of capitalism, and that socialism is the antidote to colonialism. The party was recognized, and it had a newspaper through which it met the masses, so it was the most publicly active organization.

    The party formed groups of volunteers during the Palestine War in 1948 AD, and its supporters participated in the irregular war against the Zionist gangs, and some of the camps of Ahmed Hussein's followers were in Syria.

    The vision of the Socialist Party was: that as much as the Wafd Party was destroyed, the way would be opened for the next revolution. This logic governed the behavior of the Socialist Party. Ahmed Hussein and his party were launching a harsh attack on the Wafd and its men, and his harsh criticism of the Wafd was an attempt by him to rid the masses of the past legacy of the Wafd, which had become calcified. Even Ahmed Hussein called on January 24, 1952 to overthrow the Wafd government, and called more than once for the formation of a revolutionary front, and made a great effort in rapprochement with the popular and revolutionary organizations.

    His newspaper, The Socialist, had a circulation of about 80,000 to 100,000 copies; This confirms that the party's activity was characterized by a kind of positivity and political effectiveness. There was a problem within the Socialist Party, which is that the boom that occurred in its program was not accompanied by the political and intellectual education of the party's cadres, just as the party did not pay much attention to the organizational structure within it, and perhaps that was what gave Ahmed Hussein a strong opportunity to control the party with strong control.

    Although the party's newspaper spread in many places in Egypt, the party was unable to establish revolutionary bases for it. The party's activity was based primarily on political excitement rather than organized preparation for revolutionary action. Historian Tariq al-Bishri believes that Ahmed Hussein was influenced by the general popular feeling; In some of his responses, he was even yielding to the masses.

    On January 24 , 1952 , he held a press conference in which he announced that he had decided to withdraw from public life, expecting the country's deterioration in disasters, and that was two days before the Cairo fire . Some told him that he and his party were behind the famous Cairo fire. He was brought to trial, and the government demanded his execution. The noose almost wrapped around his neck.

    Ahmed Hussein was the backbone of the party, as he is the one who writes, gives speeches, confronts the masses, and confronts and interviews the politicians, so the Young Egypt and then the Socialist Party was an organization based on individual leadership, and from here it did not succeed in building a political institution capable of activity and continuity with its own strength.

    Even the king saw that getting rid of the current lies in getting rid of Ahmed Hussein, the leader of the party, and perhaps Ahmed Hussein's realization of this point is what confused his calculations during the Cairo fire period, and as Al-Bishri says: The Socialist Party spread more than it penetrated into the masses, and it was Our revolutionary army is more than a revolutionary ability.


    How to Draw

    Flag of Islamic Fascism


    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw a green circle with 6 indentations.
    3. Draw a black crescent and star inside.
    4. Add the eyes, and you're done!



    • Nazism - You supported me in the free Arabian legion and I translated Mein Kampf into Arabic and Turkish. No I will not stop sending you letters to convert to Islam!
    • Islamic Theocracy - Allahu Akbar!
    • Jihadism - Almost perfect just embrace nationalism.
    • İttihadism - You are me.
    • Ethnonationalism - It means groups being themselves.
    • Corporatism - It was a perfect economic model, unlike Jewish Capitalism and Jewish Communism.
    • Black Islamism - I hope that you can govern America after the Axis Powers win the war.
    • Fascism - Without you and your ideas, I wouldn't exist. But why did you colonize Libya?
    • White Jihadism - David Wyatt is based! Wdym Arabs are Sandn*ggas?


    • Arab Socialism - He originally supported me in Egypt but then became a degenerate!
    • Clerical Fascism - I mean he's also a Fascist whom I worked with.
    • Turkish Idealism - He's a fascist, but why do you talk of Islam being "an Arabian religion"?
    • French Fascism - I thought Syria would be independent of France, you traitor! Oh well, anything to prevent them from showing up.
    • Ba'athism & Saadehism - You wanted Syria to be free from Imperialists but you denied being fascists, and why secularism?
    • Khomeinism - I don't know what to say, you're almost perfect but stop hating on Sunni Turan people. Why do you cooperate with some communists outside your country?
    • Revisionist Zionism - You have praised my best buddies against my worst enemies so that means we can coexist after you stop hurting my people for a greater Israel.
    • Jewish-Nazism - You realize that you are going to die in the hands of my partner.
    • Francoism - I helped you defeat the Liberals in your country but it reminded me of the invasion in 711.
    • Alt-Right - We Muslims did not hump goats! And we kill someone who is humping them instead.
    • Islamic Populism - Too moderate.
    • Evrenism - Your mixing of Islamic conservatism and hardline nationalism, and your crackdowns on Kurds and commies were all based but why did you have to ban the National Salvation Party and MHP???


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