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    Irish Unitism is a Nonquadrant.png non-quadrant ModTrad.png culturally center-right ideology that advocates for a united Cball-Ireland.png Irepub.png Ireland Ulster icon.png and the dissolution of the Cball-UK.png Anglo-Irish Cball-Ireland.png border to render the Cball-Ireland.png Irepub.png united Irish state Ulster icon.png and the Cball-UK.png United Kingdom as complete island countries separated from each other by the North Channel, the Irish Sea, and St. George's Channel.

    Conas a Tarraing / How to Draw

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    The flag of Irish Unitism looks like this.

    • Coming soon...

    Caidrimh / Relationships

    Yes.png Cairde / Friends

    Meh.png Neodrach / Neutral

    • Ultra-Anglophobia icon.png Ultra-Anglophobia Ultra-Anglophobia icon with a hat.png - While we both want a Cball-Ireland.png Irepub.png united Ireland Ulster icon.png, please don't kill everyone that's Cball-England.png English!
    • Coming soon...

    No.png Naimhde / Enemies

    • 1800ism.png 1800ism - My worst nightmare of all! I'll never forgive January 1st of 1800ism.png 1801 when my beautiful Cball-Ireland.png Ireland Irepub.png got conquered by the Cball-UK.png British before dividing into south and Ulster icon.png north on April 12th of 1927!
    • CANZUK.png Anglo-Saxonism, PanBrit.png Pan-Anglicism and Rhodes.png Rhodesism - You guys want to divide our beautiful Cball-Ireland.png Irepub.png Ireland Ulster icon.png and destroy our culture, which would be horrifying for me to see!
    • Colonialismf.png Colonialism Colonial.png and Imp.png Imperialism - Get out of Cball-Ireland.png Irepub.png Ireland Ulster icon.png, you racist Anglophile!
    • Ulster icon.png Ulster Nationalism - Don't even try it, Cball-UK.png British puppet!

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