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    Irish Fascism was a ideology that is based on a political group called The Ailtirí na hAiséirghe also known as The Architects Of the Resurrection since it was created by Gearóid Ó Cuinneagáin in March 1942 until they dissolved in 1958 leaving the their newspaper called Aiséirí to keep telling the Irish Truth until 1973.

    Gearóid Ó Cuinneagáin has supported The Axis Powers even Nazi Germany and hope The Allied Powers will lose World War Two but also not only that because Gearóid Ó Cuinneagáin was a Irish language Activist that wanted a Irish Catholic Corporatist State even it needed Northern Ireland.

    Gearóid Ó Cuinneagáin wanted to make the English language illegal for five years to revive the culture of Ireland along with calling for unity all of Celtic people also he praised the Soviet Union along with Communism that hated Liberal Democracy and Gearóid Ó Cuinneagáin have sympathy with Protestant Christians because they are people as well.

    Flag of Irish Fascism
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Green #169E62 22, 158, 98
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Orange #FF883E 255, 136, 62
    Golden Brown #69650C 105, 101, 12




    • Hibernocracy- Maybe I shall create The Irish Empire with your ideas even you hated Fascism.
    • Marxism–Leninism- I have praised your Anti-Liberalism but Communism has ruined Nazi Germany forever.
    • Protestant Theocracy- You are different but the same and we shall merge back into each other.
    • Pagan Theocracy- What happens if Celtic Theocracy have mixed with Roman Catholicism.
    • Republicanism- Please don't support The Allied Powers as a neutral nation, Ireland.


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