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    The Iridium Standard is a monetary policy that ties the values of currency to the value of iridium. It is a hypothetical version of the gold standard in which gold loses its value in the far future and iridium becomes the new sought-after precious metal for its use in oxidation prevention, jewelry, and space exploration.

    As of the time of writing (beginning of 2024), iridium is significantly rarer than gold, and is worth $176 per gram, more than double that of gold. Osmium and platinum are chemically similar to iridium, yet their markets are not too similar to that for iridium.

    Iridium has much functional use along with platinum as it is very resistant to oxidation, a quality that would be very advantageous in any situation involving stellar winds, fluorine, nuclear reactors, or stainless alloying. Iridium is also the second densest element that is not synthetic or absurdly radioactive. It is almost as unreactive as gold.

    Compared to the Netherite Standard

    Both standards are very similar in concept. Both of them describe a future metallic monetary standard that supersedes gold in a future where gold is so abundant (e.g. due to asteroids or the Nether) that its rarity is on par of that of silver or even copper. Iridium is significantly rarer than gold, making it a usable failsafe in the case of a gold inflation. Iridium has many uses, similar to netherite, in areas requiring measures to retard oxidation or wear-and-tear from use in nuclear reactors. Iridium was used in defining the metric system's parameters before the mass unit re-defining in 2019, a sure testament to its resilience and resistance to chemical wear-and-tear.


    How to Draw



    • Gold Standard - A bit ballooned for me but I could do. 79 isn't that much worse than 77, I could say.
    • Netherite Standard - Even though I don't think you really exist you make an awesome equivalent, if you do.
    • Deflationism - Ohhh yes, awesome.
    • Galacticism - A few trillion off an asteroid would be grand.


    • Astatine Standard - Rarity is grand, but my fuck, PLEASE take your meds.
    • Silver Standard - You might look similar to me but you're never, ever going to be me. Just sayin'.
    • Inflationism-Lite - 1% is enough thank you very much.
    • Hyperdeflationism - I can't say iridium is going to be that rare, like maybe if you want a certain trace isotope, but that's beyond the point.



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