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    Iraqi Fascism is a ideology that is based on a political group in Iraq and it was called The Al-Muthanna Club also it was founded by a doctor named Saib Shawkat who is the political leader of this group from 1935 to 1941 when The Anglo-Iraqi War has began when The British Empire trying to remove the Iraqi Prime Minister for supporting The Axis Powers.

    Saib Shawkat was a Arab Nationalist while has a brother who is Prime Minister of Iraq without any political party involved even this country was a Monarchy and The Al-Muthanna Club has a youth organization called Al-Futuwwa that later influenced Iraqi Ba'athism after World War Two.

    The Al-Muthanna Club was under the influenced of a German Ambassador named Fritz Grobba but also there is Yunis al-Sabawi who translated Mein Kampf into Arabic in the early 1930s and members of The Al-Muthanna Club has threaten nurses with rape when they are Jewish even most of them.



    • Constitutional Monarchism- You are not an enemy and you are a victim of British Imperialism.
    • National Socialism- I will turn Iraq into a real ally for Nazi Germany to fight against British Imperialism and Zionism.
    • Islamic Fascism- Cenk Uygur, you are wrong about the existence of Islamic Fascism.
    • Anti-Semitism - Most of everyone who is a Fascist have to hate Zionists to fit in.
    • Pan-Arabism - Arabs Of The World Unite.
    • Fascism- It was based on Nationalism and Anti-Communism.
    • Ba'athism- Even you wanted Iraq to be a republic but it still making great for Arabia.


    • Arab Socialism - You are a Fascist once when you are a member of The Young Egypt Party but you are now a Socialist.
    • Saadehism- Why are you calling yourself a Non-Fascist but you are a Fascist and also why your own kind is important than us.
    • French Fascism- You have united your colonizers and the Syrians together to fight Britain but please leave Syria alone after.


    • Zionism- You have stole the land of the Arabs even it originally belongs to you long ago.
    • British Unionism - Stop controlling my country even it has our own Monarchy.
    • Jewish Feminism - I hate these types of doctors.

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