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    Inverted National Fracturism

    Evil National Fracturism is the evil, or inverted, version of National Fracturism. It wants one World State, headed by a democratic and anarchist, but fascist regime, and is deeply reliant on the free market. It is also extremely racist, sexist, trans- and homophobic.



    Evil National Fracturism pretends to be a happy, normal and harmless ball, but in truth is a stone-cold psychopath. He hates flags, maps and LARPs.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Inverted National Fracturism
    1. Draw a ball with a black outline.
    2. Divide the ball into four sections with a purple cross.
    3. Fill the top two corners with black and green respectively.
    4. Fill the bottom two with the same colors in the reverse.
    5. Add flags in the respective opposite colors in all four sections.
    6. Add the eyes.
    7. Invert the entire image's colours.
    8. Done!


    Fellow Border Obliteraters

    • Putinism - I am Russian (apparently), and also your political system is based. Please, continue the war! I LOVE WAR!
    • Capitalism - Woo, money! I love how you harm the environment and reward unfettered greed!
    • Hoppeanism - I love killing leftists!
    • Pinochetism - Same as above.
    • Anarcho-Fascism - I love both fascism and letting the people rule vote!


    • Democracy - I like being elected by the people, but I don't like being accountable to these people.
    • Communism - You should represent everything I hate, but... somehow I respect you.
    • Conservatism - You preserve Tradition, but you don't go far enough.

    Enemies of the (World-) State

    • Socialism - I hate supporting the people and I love money! Fuck you!
    • Environmentalism - Gaaaaah, I hate Nature! Eat my emissions, Planet!
    • Progressivism - But... But muh traditions!
    • Tinism - Why would you throw the world into Chaos like this? We need a strong World government!
    • Isolationism - Same as above.


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