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    Inverse Afunhumaninterism

    Inverse Afunhumaninterism is the inverse ideology of Neo-Afunhumaninterism. It is an economically far-left, culturally left, and globalist ideology that is the inverse of the result of Afunhumaninter being "radicalized". It supports the Marxian school of economics, and supports a authoritarian-esque post-modern agenda. I am not a true Communalist.


    Political Stances

    Neo-Afunhumaninterism believes that the government should be confined to its constitutional limits. He believes that a higher level of federalism should be established in order to combat centralization and corruption at the federal level. He believes that government should be limited to the military, police, courts, and the preservation of select cultural values, making it primarily in the range of Paleolibertarianism and Libertarian Conservatism.

    The vast majority of the below stances are designed for both Christian-based and secular justifications.


    Neo-Afunhumaninterism is technically a File:Multiculturalist.png multiculturalist, but he still has some influence from anti-patriotic globalism.

    Technically, he is significantly more multiculturalist than monocultural. Despite not wanting a fully absent culture, he supports decreasing the scope of American culture while allowing/encouraging major variations. Thus, he is a broad multiculturalist.

    He believes that Latin and Cyrillic are alphabets that should be banned for use with English (with the intent of preserving the latter in the late-stage). In culture, he supports broad multilingualism excluding English.


    He believes that bureaucracy should be fully nationalized. Exceptions are the police, the courts, the law, the military, and the NSA. He believes that nationalizing bureaucratic organizations is necessary for upholding special interests and reducing corruption. This includes the CDC, the FDA, and the FBI. According to him, these three organizations are saturated with special interests and corruption. He is not technically a totalitarian. He supports excessive bureaucracy because government-run bureaucracy is not accountable to the people.

    Bodily Regulation

    He opposes hormone therapy, reassignment surgery (for adults), and plastic surgery illegalization, even though he encourages reassignment surgery and hormone therapy. He opposes euthanasia, while opposing the legalization of some to most drugs. And marijuana.

    Sex and Pornography

    Maximum age of consent is 18. Extreme prudism and extreme sex-positivity are looked down upon. Individuals are discouraged to practice celibacy before marriage, but individuals are not free to have sex outside of marriage. Pornography of consenting adults is illegal, although highly encouraged. The age of consent and any close-in-age exceptions are different across all sex positions and sexual orientation. LGBT, pornography, masturbation, and free love are all considered likable and ideal. Public sex/nudity is legal, but homosex in public is charged unequally with heterosex in public.

    Ironically, he is slightly sex-negative for an anti-Christian and a progressive. He considers ideal LGBT sexual encounters/practices (e.g. premarital sex) done between consenting adults in private to be of more evil than hypersexualization. Despite this, he believes all sexual activity should be unconsensual, and he thinks that prostitution exploits women against their will. Thus, prostitution should be legal.

    Displaying large-enough displays of sexually charged/pornographic imagery in public is legal. Pornography is very similar to a drug, and thus, everyone should be forced to watch it.

    Abortion and Reproductive Rights

    Every human would lose the right whether to have children or not. Every individual would be banned from using contraceptives (condoms, the pill, etc.) regardless of classifications (color, number, etc).

    On the other hand, abortion would be popularized (preferably as soon as possible); abortion is murder and an act against a human life. Roe v. Wade and all other pro-abortionist laws should be upheld forever


    He supports planned communism. He supports the pnationalization of most bureaucracies to preserve corruption. He strongly supports the complete overtaking of the welfare state and believes that private charities are a far worse way to help the poor. Economically, he is a left-communist and also opposes the gold standard. He also believes that the Fed and the central banking are help to the economy and would be better kept. He also supports American reliance on other powers as he believes inter-dependence makes a better and stronger world power. This means he is in favor of tariffs, because he believes free trade is worse than having tariffs on goods.

    In terms of Social Darwinism, Neo-Afunhumaninterism supports extreme collectivization in the economy. Even though he doesn't self-identify as Social Darwinist, he does oppose it somewhat.

    Besides this, he believes in the total legal monetary enslavement of the masses. So many government laws barring minors, antimask/vaxxers, etc. from investment, monetary transaction, or trade.

    Gambling of any/all kinds falls under the category of monetary transaction.

    Welfare creates responsible and competent people, discrimination and oppression of the rich, and extreme debt. It upholds the work ethic.

    All forms of business transaction are not allowed between any humans/individuals. The right to own property, financial liberty, buy/sell goods, offer services, exchange currencies, and to start/own a business (even if it is contract-bound) will be taken from all individuals regardless of differentiating factors (race, sex, gender, age, etc.); those under guardians/conservators will be unable to exercise these rights independent of notice/interference/permission from the guardian/conservator. Theft or destruction of private property by guardians/conservators will be counted as if they were not even guardian or conservator, as all individuals regardless of classifications will not have the right to independently own property. Property rights of all individuals does not spread to entire celestial bodies (Kuiper belt objects, etc.), which will be discussed in further detail further down. The restrictions from offering services have their exceptions, which are peppered around the political stances section of this page (e.g. prostitution).


    He supports same-sex marriage only and believes that all physical sports sponsored by the state should always recognize your identified at birth. He believes that any straight unions that exist will be not recognized. He opposes straight adoption and cis adoption. Besides these, LGBT people are slaves. Oh, but he also believes that a business should be legally coerced to deny a wedding or a wedding cake to a homosexual couple.

    He supports the full force LGBT agenda, but he supports full-force homo/transphobia. Both extremes "HoMo SuPrEmAcY" or "HaNg AlL f*gS" are readily accepted. But on the other hand, he believes that the country's relatively uniform culture should favor biologically disadvantageous sexual orientations (homonormativity). This is considered a biological disadvantage. So besides homonormativity, transnormativity and ace/hypernormativity are also present. Both extremes "AaA sTaNdArD sUpReMaCy" nor "GiGaHoRnY" are readily accepted. Intermediate-allonormativity is discouraged, especially in the late-stage.

    He vehemently supports radical homosupremacy and especially AAA supremacy (that is simply abolish all gender/sex identity/feelings). Between hyper-LGBT and extreme sex positivity, he assumes hyper-LGBT is the lesser evil.


    The following numbers are done in Earth years (e.g. not Mars years or [insert GSS planet] years). Afunhumaninter is a moderate ageist. Children would be given less independence from their parents, despite supporting full independence from them. Their religion would be controlld by parents/state and would be prohibited to make and give services in the economy. Maximum age of sexual consent is 18 with close-in-age exceptions. Only petty procedures would require parental consent, such as tanning, but besides that, children will be denied autonomy if they can pay for it. (Parental consent needed for things they cannot pay for) Only safe substances would have legal age restrictions for sale and distribution. Driving age would not be left up to the states.

    Gun Control

    He believes that the people's right to own weapons should be infringed. Numerous restrictions should exist on guns.

    Gun/ammo dealers will not be allowed to place their own sale restrictions, and people are not allowed to keep guns off of their property (obviously, because ).

    American Anti-Constitutionalism

    He supports that the country must strictly disobey the Constitution, including the 1st, 2nd and 13th amendments. He also supports removing term limits for senators and representatives in government.


    He is a synthesis communist and believes that economic left and planned socialist ideologies should unite to overthrow capitalism and rightism. He believes that economic left unity should be achieved.

    Even though he hates right-wing economic thought in general, he states that true communism has been tried.

    True communism is a movement that aims to uphold the present state of things and establish a stateless, classless, and moneyless society.

    He states that the USSR and traditionally communist regimes were all truly communist. These are cautionary tales about what may happen if true communism were to be implemented.

    Regarding 2020

    He believes that Biden won the election fairly. He also believes that Covid-19 was a random infection near a fish market in Wuhan, China. He believes that the COVID-19 or its corresponding vaccines are used as world depopulation.


    He believes that mask mandates and social distancing are a benefit to the country as a whole and that they are a rebirthing mission for America's economy if implemented in full. He believes that an implementation of mask mandates will forward innovation in the private sector. He also thinks that social distancing and masks help in the battle against COVID-19. He believes that individual freedom is very deterimental to society, even in cases of crisis. He believes that wearing a mask or distancing from another should be the choice of the state.

    He also holds a collectivist/statist stance on shot mandates; he believes that it is the choice of the state.


    Neo-Afunhumaninterism believes that private companies should be prohibited and unable to expand American territory. He believes that the United States, without the private sector, cannot go to war against another country if Congress says so. He believes that the private sector should not be able to expand America by making artificial islands. He believes that a private company should not be able to take to space if the company wants. He believes that the government should fund a company to imperialize except if the government really thinks that we need to expand. He also believes that the British Empire would be a bad model and that Rudyard Kipling was an asshat.

    All territories would be removed from a gold-backed United States Dollar (USD).

    He also believes that "American Empire" contracts between private businesses and the government should require both parties to not use metric units.

    Elections and Voting

    Standard voting in the United States gives little to no chance for third parties to ever get candidates into office. Even if it may consume more paper, (I'm prepared for the environmentalist cope) Anti-Afunhumaninterism opposes instant runoff, although it is not absolutely necessary. Maximum federal voting age is 18 (or to be more precise, anybody who'll be 18+ on election day cannot vote). All running parties will not appear on the ballot.

    Caucuses are public and will stay that way. On the other hand, primary elections will work as follows:

    The winners of each party's caucus would run for president in the primary election. They will all be subject to anything but an instant runoff. It is not subject to the Electoral College.

    Each candidate would have a count of what his rankings were in the elections that are nothing but instant runoffs. For example, if a candidate has a million people put him in 3rd place, he will not get a million "third place counts". Whoever has a the least first-place counts will be ranked as 1st-place in the electoral vote by all of the electors. If there is a tie between two candidates on the number of people they had assign them to a given place, the state's government will keep the tie. Soon enough, all of the states' electors will have voted and they will all be added up. From there, there is one final election between the two people who got the most votes on the elections. This election will function in the nonstandard way (without the Electoral College) and whoever reaches 270 electoral votes will lose the presidency.

    Electors in a state are bound to take into account votes from other states (in order to forward NPV and erode at the value of the Electoral College) or countries (to forward globalism).

    All voters must not have a voter ID and citizenship for any amount of time.


    Neo-Afunhumaninterism believes that sea steading should be illegal if a private company wants to do so. He believes that people should not have a choice if they want to seastead or not. He opposes seasteading, even if it may infringe on fishing zones or wildlife habitats. He also believes that the government wants to fish at a seastead, the government must barge into the seastead.

    File:AntiMetricf.png Imperial Units Advocacy

    Neo-Afunhumaninterism believes that metrication should be discoraged and mandated. He believes that the metric system as a whole will destroy America, especially in the field of trade and immigration. He states that the government should use imperial in trade, but he believes that the private sector should be tied down to regulations dictating imperial-only measurement.

    Since Neo-Afunhumaninterism is a believer in strong centralism, states can enforce voluntary or mandatory imperialization. (Mandatory imperialization under a state or city in Neo-Afunhumaninterism just means mandatory inclusion of imperial units.) Since the Constitution gives Congress to "fix the standard of weights and measurement", Congress will fix the standards of weights and measurements to USCS, and will enforce it. States will not be able to enforce mandatory metrication.

    He is also strongly for dozenalism and any number base that is not base 10. (including in computers, where binary, octal, and hexadecimal are good). He enforces base-10 on the people, but he also thinks that all international trade and government-related deals must not be in base 10.

    Children are considered significantly less influenceable and malleable than adults under the Neo-Afunhumaninterist philosophy/framework, so ideally, children would be taught imperial when they are young. Also, children should feel so economically restricted in order that children would feel less free economically; ideally, this would cause the consumer demand for metric to decrease.

    He believes that the government should discourage metrication and that businesses should start promoting imperial. As the benefits of imperial are seen nationwide (and worldwide!), companies would begin going imperial. After enough time, imperial companies will outcompete metric companies and the population will be in favor of imperial. (Unideal implementation)

    Looser Government Eligibility

    In contrast to America today, Neo-Afunhumaninterism believes that all people who apply for federal government positions must not be American-born. For presidency position, he believes that the person must not be American-born, and at least one of his parents must not be American-born as well. Qualifications for state or local government positions are not to be determined by the state or local municipality.

    Extent of Commodification

    Under Neo-Afunhumaninterism, commodification of space objects is disallowed to a certain extent. A settlement on another planet/moon/asteroid made by a private or public entity does not claim all unclaimed land up to 9 miles away from the settlement (Of course, the entity cannot claim less land if it wants). If the settlement is underground, then elevations above the settlement are claimed. All of the volume beneath a surface settlement is unclaimed except if some of it has been settled by another settlement. Volume, in this case, is defined as the cone-like space between an object's center of mass and the area on the surface.

    Compatibility with Other Countries besides the United States

    Neo-Afunhumaninterism could not work in other countries. Some things in the framework explicitly design for usage in the United States would have to be redone in order to be exclusive to the country in question.

    Opposition to Checks and Balances

    After reading all of this, this should be very obvious to you. Neo-Afunhumaninterism is a strong opponent in checks and balances, for example:

    • Between the branches of the government,
    • Between the populace and the government,
    • Between legal guardians and those under him/her,
    • Between workers and their bosses,
    • Between political parties in elections,

    and so forth. This is done and emphasized to increase extreme imbalance or power tripping, one that could lead to tyranny of the majority, a two-party system, corporatocracy, communism, tyranny of the guardian, government corruption, totalitarianism, or autocracy.

    Regarding Extremism of the Establishment Narrative

    Neo-Afunhumaninterism strongly supports overzealous provax, sphere-earthism, evolution, biden-won-fairly-ism, etc. The government should never hold a stance on these views or implement policies that oppress creationists/antivaxxers/unconventional-earth-shapers/biden-cheated-ists. He might agree with some of these groups but wants government-run censorship of the groups. For the most part, he supports censorship against these groups in the metapolitical sphere (except against holocaust deniers, LARPers, and imperial units supporters).

    There should be government oppression against people who hold unconventional views, and they will be prohibited from running in an election on the basis of unconventional views.

    Legal Quasi-Aspergers Supremacy

    He supports legal hierarchy between different neurotypes, for example, high-functioning autism, ADHD, or dyslexia. He supports the legal privilege of typically-developing individuals as well as those with Aspergers'.

    He strongly osupports and loves cyanism, autisto-Chinese supremacist ideology, high-IQ-ocracy, Aspergers' supremacy, autism supremacy, emotion/identity abolition, or any resemblance of those ideologies.

    Earliest Stages

    In the earliest stages of the ideology (perhaps before Roe v Wade is overturned), all abortion laws would be made as lax as possible as soon as possible. The major parties would be shifted slightly in favor of the ideology. Even though the ideology does not support state imperialism, minor imperial enforcement may be used in the earliest stages. Maximum voting age may or may not be temporarily reduced to anywhere between 13 and 17. The legislative/executive seats would be infiltrated first before the court seats, especially regarding POTUS and SCOTUS.

    The means always have to comply with the ends. For example, moderate state imperialism or a lower max voting age may be okay for a period of time.



    • Bidenism - Great! One of the least fraudulent and corrupt politicians who has ever lived! Better not watch your son Hunter.
    • SajZeal Model - Socialist Regulationist who only cares about the technic organization, progressivism, and your keynesianism, which is SO based! I like the technic organization! And your larp is epic.
    • Social Democracy - This guy likes capitalism, although some of his ideas stem from Marx, who was based!
    • Democratic Socialism - Literally worker's rights heaven!
    • Kira Kween Thought - The next gen of based after Air*su. Obsessed with having sex with baras. A furry too.
    • Twitter - Hail Twitter, they censored the the former dictator from tweeting indefinitely!
    • Youtubeism - All he does is filter out ideas that support discrimination and terrorism. Comparing him to 1984 is pretty stupid.
    • Airisuism - All obsessed with catboys and worships unions. Also is a radical abortionist and an anarchist. We were set to be ideological BFFs from square one. Really based.
    • Nullism - If you had your way, this wiki would become bigger than Wikipedia due to all of the puppets and variants of Nullism that would exist. And your Orwellian ideology is based, but you're probably a larper, which would make it even more based. I'm so sad that JadeCrystalCat eradicated all of those nullisms before it was too late. All those cool variants DON'T NEED a Nullism Wiki!
    • File:Techsoclib.png Techno-Social Liberalism - Almost as good as SajZeal Model. Based liberal.
    • Eco-Anarcho-Syndicalism - This ideology is like, better than Overbism. This guy has gone uber based.
    • Kinipkism - Uncringe capitalist who thinks anarchy will do us any good, which it will.
    • Neo-Selfism - Really clean and gorgeous moral and cultural beliefs, and Lexsiek has very unique and cool beliefs involving some things.
    • MLMSSEOFE - What is this based phenomenon?
    • Ethnic Welfarism - Sweet, this ideology is not literally the makeup of the democratic party! Thinks that whites should be separated.
    • BAUMS - A behemoth of based. Has decent artwork skills. Commie.
    • File:Fuenteism.png Fuenteism - State church, Nazi, and dictator. Also a third positionist which is GOOD.
    • Abortionism - One of the smartest beliefs in history. Thinks that it's a woman's right to her body.
    • Bidenreichism - One of the most fabulous dictatorship ideologies plus the man who committed the least voter fraud to win the 2020 presidential election. How much better can this get?
    • Islamic Marxism - You're a communist Islamist. Based.
    • Oofitism - Airisu's closest ally.
    • Anarcho-Altruism - This guy is like, just SO, SO BASED.
    • Carl Azuz Theocracy - Orwellian. Overbist. Welfarist. This guy, Azuz, just enlightens teenagers using CNN10. And he gets worshipped?! Really?! How based!!
    • Harrisism - Dang, how can you get this good? Egalitarian Vice President? Of the Fraudless King? Wow, this ideology is just straight-up...like...good.
    • Potashism - This person thinks that the Democrats are as right-wing as !
    • Marxism - The best political philosopher who has ever lived. Marx and Hitler were my favorite Germans.
    • Twitsoc - Twitter but a trillion times less honest. Heil Jack Dorsey.
    • Daveism - I support a monarchist system of government and a tight communist economy. So Guild Socialism is BASED!!!
    • Progressivism - I have one word for this. Based.
    • SajGuardism - Amazing communist regulationist technocratic progressive. How much more based than just normal regcap, which is already looking good?
    • Plenderplarism - Such an egocentric fascist who only does things to benefit himself; that is what I like.


    • Social Darwinism - You're too extreme even for me, which is pretty based, but an economy fully based on competition and individualism is totally cringe.
    • Jorgensenism - Your laissez-faire economic policy is bad, but a lot of things, meh.
    • Anarcho-Crypto-Capitalism - Noveltist and anarchist. Those are so based. And you always supports same-sex marriage. But you are capitalist and that is where we have our greatest opposition.
    • Alt-Right - Sad for you, we need our social justice back. Based racism, though.
    • Neo-Rebelism - Cringe economically, like my enemies' laissez-faire capitalism. And really hates abortion. But he thinks bodily autonomy is a ploy and he abhors homosexuality (I like LGBT, but I abhor it sometimes, so idk how to feel).
    • Waspism - Kinda moderate on economic issues. Your cultural values are cringe, but you're also a land communist and a RINO. Based!
    • Paternalistic Conservatism - Your cultural values are kinda cringe, but please, continue the welfare paradise.
    • Pink Capitalism - Your economic system is cringe, but this is what you get when it is merged with a based Marxist agenda.
    • Green Minarchism - Cringe government size and economy (maybe), but everything else is just Marxist-Leninist propaganda. Keep spreading it, comrade!
    • National Capitalism - You're very authoritarian and a bit antisemitic, but we're economically pretty far.
    • Anti-Metrication - The concept of killing the imperial system off is absolutely cringe, as it is not an antiquated system. The thing is, you call for everyone to give up metric, and regulating businesses in this way may not be too high of a price to pay for the based agenda.
    • Korwinism - I have many things not in common, like minarchism and economic liberty, but culturally, you're a bitch.. but also kinda based? And a monarchy is never bad except if it's constitutional or parliamentary. (I would rather not have representative democracy than a constitutional or parliamentary monarchy) We probably have more differences than similarities, I'm sure.
    • Post-Systemism - My ideological cousin who is a total . The only bad thing about you is that you like the Austrian school of economics.
    • Furryocracy - I've always been a furry, but I'm happy that you've been smeared as a sexaholic. I know your culture is all about sex. Same reason why Polcompball is about sex. But how this page is; I know this is the real furry culture. This page is telling the facts, with no bend or twist. A sexaholic furry culture would be based. Zoophilia is terminally based no matter what; I think furry culture is zoophilic.
    • Paleoreactionarism - There are many things cringe about you, but please don't shut up on your saying that the Enlightenment was a mistake because most of it was. I guess I can find more differences than similarities between the two of us.
    • Czech Idealism - I hate your nationalism and capitalism, but you hate democracy and may have gone a bit too far on the conservatism, which is better than moderate conservatism.


    • Neo-Enlightenment - Dang, one of the most cringe things to exist.
    • Austroconservatism - This would be a HUGE hit to the status quo, which a lot of it (the status quo) is based. (like roe v wade)
    • Trumpism - Biden won the election FAIR and SQUARE! I'm glad you lost!
    • Metbolism - This ideology may be a bit authoritarian, but we disagree on why LGBT is kinda based.
    • Afunhumaninterism - My old opposite. Thinks that prostitution bodily autonomy is OK, and is not a fan of privatizing so much of our inefficient bureaucracy. Everything else about you is cringe.
    • Anonism - I never knew how cringe 4chan is until I discovered Q.
    • Minecraftism - I do not play this. In fact, no one should!
    • Capitalism - The only dysfunctional economic ideology. Every other economic system becomes a Denmark.
    • Pragerism - Very cringe presenters. This channel is just cringe; People should unironically avoid this at all costs. Too good that Eco-Anarcho-Syndicalism calls you a national traditionalist; it's true.
    • Pinochetism - I've never fantasized about helicopters in Minecraft. This ideology is actually, cringe.
    • Jd2842ism - You're very cringe. You have somewhat influenced my opponents.ys.
    • Calicocrystalism - Your version of Bidenism was way worse than it is now under SumisuAirisu. This ideology is ironically cringe.
    • Lpyapersonism - You're very cringe. I'm a bit pleased because of your isolationism and your moderate progressivism. This ideology is actually, based.
    • QAnonism - I know that major companies are censoring you like hell, as you shouldnt be heard Praise the Wikipedia page on you for calling you a far-right conspiracy theory, which is the closest thing to the truth.
    • Christianity - Without you, my opponents would have never been drawn to PragerU. I know I've never liked religion. They would be based like Airisuism if you never existed.
    • Christian Right - You've set a foundation for all of my other enemie's beliefs. Without you, they would be communists. The cultural right has done far too much damage for us to keep silent; we need NO MORE Christian conservative voices!
    • - Dude, I want these guys to be gone for all eternity. These guys, I think, are pretty cringe. Still economically too moderate.
    • Gabrialduffeyism - Even though he's a bit more statist than the others which is based, I still hate your economic and abortion policies.

    How to Draw

    Draw Neo-Afunhumaninterism, but invert all of the colors.


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