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    Introversionism is an Authoritarian-Center ideology which believes that introversion should be the norm and taken to the extreme. He is the opposite of his sibling, Extroversionism, and half similar to his other sibling, Ambiversionism. Social interaction is illegal and punishable by death or life imprisonment in a forced labor camp. Social distancing of is also enforced for personal space. Small talk is also illegal and saying anything that's not a deep conversation will also result in either of the punishments mentioned above. Social gatherings such as parties are strictly forbidden and there is an advanced spy network to stop these events from happening. Introversionism considers big extroverts like party animals and jocks etc to be inferior subhumans and will exterminate them at all costs. Economically speaking - there is no teamwork in workplaces at all and there are no jobs requiring social interaction at all. The authoritarian nature of introversionism makes it that there are also unrelated strict laws to follow as well.

    Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, he is the leading ideology in countries across the world

    How to draw

    Flag of Introversionism
    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Fill it dark red.
    3. Draw 4 arrows pointing inwards.
    4. Draw the eyes.
      You're done!


    As you can see, he is heavily introverted. He can also be portrayed as socially awkward but this isn't always the case. He is also has a superiority complex and believes that those on the opposite end of the extroversion/introversion scale are subhumans. He is also very authoritarian and believes the government should control all aspects of life to make sure introversion remains the norm.




    • Ambiversionism - My half based sibling.
    • Egoism - I say socializing is a spook and does not boost my ego but you're a hyperlibertarian!
    • Anti-Americanism - You hate a country that is super extroverted which is based but you're an anarchist!
    • Omnivertism - my sometimes based sometimes cringe son



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