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    Intersex Chinese Theocracy

    Intersex Chinese Theocracy Is an authoritarian center, culturally progressive ideology that believes in a theocracy based on Chinese Folk Religion. However, they also believes in strong protections and rights for the LGBTI community, especially the Intersex community.

    They believe that Intersex individuals have a special connection with the Tao, because they have a perfect balance of Yin and Yang energies.

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    Flag of Intersex Chinese Theocracy



    • Chine.png Chinese Theocracy - My main tutor and inspiration (although I wish you were more progressive)
    • Authprog.png Authoritarian Progressivism - Fellow Authoritarian who pushes for progress and equal rights!
    • Queerauth.png Queer Authoritarianism - Thank you so much for your support! Best friends!!!
    • Bud.png Buddhist Theocracy - I take refuge in the Dharma of The Buddha
    • Nooc.png Noocracy - The government should be run by highly educated individuals. Being well educated naturally makes one more tolerant!
    • Enlightmon.png Enlightened Absolutism - An enlightened monarch that has the Mandate of Heaven will bring forth tolerance!
    • DragBurmasoc.png Drag Burmese Socialism - We are both Buddhists who are also progressive supporters of LGBTI people. (I'm not to sure about socialism though.)
    • Transilminism.png Transilminism - We're so much alike! Although you’re a little too obsessed with capitalism.


    • PinkMao.png Pink Maoism - Ally against bigotry. Why do you always attack my religion though?
    • Lesboxhaism icon.png Lesboxhaism - You're a fierce and uncompromising advocate for LGBTI people, and that is admirable. But you are WAY to obsessed with socialism. Also, stop ridiculing my religious beliefs!
    • Statlib.png State Liberalism - Thank you for standing up to bigots. But honestly, sometimes you take it way too far. Also, what is with your obsession with capitalism?
    • InterXiJinpingThought.png Intersex Xi Jinping Thought - A fellow Chinese, intersex authoritarian who embraces progressive values! But why do you embrace atheism?


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