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    InternetismInternet.png is an ideology whom thinks that the population need to have a bigger access and usage on the internet, cause we can do lots of things, with a big simplicity, like, shopping, meet friends or family, work, see content and everyhing else. In more extreme cases, Internetism thinks that we should live 24/7 in the internet, thanks for the metaverse, his dream is more possible. Internetism thinks that we should have a certain kind of moderation, cause he isn't anarchist (but in the future, it will have), so, have a certain kind of security that is good as Mc Donald's ice cream machine for protecting minors from seeing Rule34.png this guy.


    InternetismInternet.png likes to much using the internet, he talks with a internet-english language and wastes time in the internet. He also have Autism.png Autism

    How To Draw

    Flag of Internetism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw a half of the flag in light blue.
    3. Write a white WWW. in the center.
    4. Make the eyes and your done!
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Light blue 6,168,218 #06A8DA
    White 255,255,255 #FFFFFF



    • Anarcho-Entertainment.png Anarcho-Entertainment- Bsides the anarchism, u are the gr8, u can live in peace!
    • Gamer.png Gamerism - You want to play? Seems good to me! Plz stop spamming racial slurs, plz
    • PCB-E-Democracy.png E-Democracy - With me alive, u can do ur work!
    • YouCube.png Youtubeism - LETS WATCH SUM VIDEOS!
    • Honk.png Satirism - LOL, u are soooo fun LMAO (plz dont do dangerous jokes)
    • Covidism-icon.png Covidism - Tks for make me in isolation! Now i hav no more friends!
    • Shitpost.png Shitpostism - I created u


    • Kak.png Kakistocracy - I will not protect u, but sorry, there's no results found for "ivbfdogviwnnfvicnwdogjih2r30", plz type other thing
    • Anti-Schoolism icon.png Anti-Schoolism - YES! Internet IS great! u can learn with me!
    • SJW.png SJW - You suck, but i will not ban you.


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