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    Internet Theory is an ideology to prevent the things that would happen in the next few years, according to their own theory. The theory have to work, and is separated like this:

    Explanation of the theory

    1. The old replaced with the new

    Do you know about the phrase "the new generation will be our future"? Well in that case, according to this theory, it will happend sometime, that the GEN Z will substitute the entire politics, and then its gonna start the chaos (according to them). Will happen something like:
    ·Furry.png Anime Icon.png Some ideologies will really exist and will work in the future.
    ·There will be more SJW.png LGBTIAP+ people than Straight.png Straight people.

    2. The GEN Z ruling the world

    This is kinda weird, cause it's the GEN Z (that the elderly call them "irresponsibles") ruling the entire world, so, actually there are some afraid of this thing really happen, but after the GEN Z ruling the world, some spicy things would happen.

    3. Things that GEN Z would (problably) do:

    ·The legalization of NSFW
    ·If critize the LGBTQIAP+ community, would be arrested or "canceled" (i'm gonna explain that later)
    ·"If you aren't part of LBGTQIAP+ community, you would be canceled too"
    ·If you don't like minorities, or even if you are white, you would be canceled too.
    ·If you don't like anime, or even don't have any interest, you would be canceled.

    4. What is cancelling?

    Cancel in this days is a term for show some facts that the person is bad or just don't follow their thoughts. But, in this "1984" scenario, it would be similar to the "unperson", it would basically kill you without anyone notices and delete all of your data (like: Documents, accounts, and etc.)

    5. The end of the world (probably)

    The nations that will surge or will be modified will have a REALLY big hate with each other, and would start fighting, + with the nuclear weaponry, it would "explode" the freaking planet.

    6. Resuming...

    basically with the GEN Z with the power, it would lead to a armageddon with everybody DYING at the end.


    He hates the fact of the future being like that way, and because of this, he is really depressed and disappointed with humanity because of some "Internet Creations".




    • Anti-Schoolism icon.png Anti-Schoolism - Stop school to use more the Internet? Kinda strange for a kid but ok.
    • Kak.png Kakistocracy - Hey kid, do you support LGBT?


    • Pcba twit.png Twitterism - Hehey, so you is who started this whole chaotic thing?
    • Anime Icon.png Animeism - Thats why we need to explode Japan for the 3rd time.
    • AnWaifu.png Anarcho-Animegirlism - THATS WHY WE NEED TO EXPLODE JAPAN
    • Boobsicon.png Basically NSFW ideology - Posadism, can u give some of your nuclear warheads please?
    • PCB-Henai.png uhhhhh... - AW HELL NAH
    • CatgirlUwU.png This shit - I DONT FALL IN YOUR STUPID TRICKS HAHA
    • Bifash.png Facist - So... I hate you and you gonna try to kill me? I WANNA SEE YOU TRY STUPID
    • PCB-AnQueer.png Queer Anarchism - YOU ARE JUST IDIOT
    • Hfash.png WaCkY sHiT - WHAT? WHAT THE HELL

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