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    International Socialist Peoples Republicanism

    International Socialist Peoples Republicanism is a far economically and culturally left globalist ideology. They believe that the main goal of all Communist Ideologies should be to achieve Communism and that the differences between them (excluding the culturally right ones) are not moral ones but tactical ones so all non culturally far right communist ideologies should unite to achieve their goal. They believe that we should focus on achieving this goal above all else apart from the intentional harming or lack of preventing the harming of innocent lives


    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw a lighter shade of black diagonally through the bottom right of the ball
    3. Fill the space bellow with the same colour and fill the space above with red
    4. Draw a small golden sickle and hammer in the bottom left
    5. Draw a larger sickle and hammer with the sickle gold and the hammer black
    6. Add the eyes and you're done!
    7. (Optional) Write ISPR in black under the larger sickle and hammer



    • Marxism - The founder of Communism we can't have Leftist Unity without you
    • Trotskyism - World Wide Revolution is a great idea for Communism
    • Anarcho-Communism - the abolishing of the state is a vital part of achieving Communism
    • Leninism - You got the closest to World Wide Communism
    • Marxism|Leninism - Long live the Soviet Union
    • Vikiism Leftist Unity
    • Left Communism - A Fellow Communist Ideology



    • National Socialism - You aren't even Socialist stop trying to trick us into helping you kill millions
    • National Bolshevism - You give a bad name to Communists you will never be allowed in Leftist Unity
    • Kraterocracy - The Worst Ideology worse than any other ideology


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