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    International Distributism

    International Distributism (also known as IntDist or NeoDist) is an economically center and culturally center ideology that combines Distributism with World and free markets. He believes that a nation should support economic policies that increase worker-ownership, progressively over time, as not to shock the system and to create support for a system through its already established institutions, rather than brute forcing it through the current system or destabilizing the government through revolution. Unlike most forms of distributism, IntDist does not conclude that capitalism and socialism/communism are equally bad; IntDist sees capitalism as a superior alternative to socialism, largely due to its institutional conservation and its trend towards liberal democracies, which he views as a necessary foundation for strong market economies and a springboard to more ethical business structure.

    Where IntDist distinguishes himself from the other distributists is that he believes in significant international cooperation and, when necessary, interventions. He believes that the world needs a strong hegemonic guiding force and that, in the current state of the world, the Western nations behind NATO and the EU are the best suited for this position, especially the United States. He favors strong relations with allies and a hawkish foreign policy.

    Personality and Behavior

    IntDist is usually shown to be overly calm and detached. He usually is not particularly interested in the economic side of things, but more focused on foreign policy, domestic institutional health, and democracy in general. He's always ready to bomb a country that is not behaving within international norms, to beat up nationalist ideologies, and to advocated for international cooperation. He is usually shunned by other distributist characters for being a liberal, but they will call on him when violence or diplomacy with liberal and centrist balls are necessary.

    How to Draw

    Definitional details:

    1. Draw a ball with eyes.
    2. Separate the ball into a one third on the left and two thirds on the right.
    3. Color the left third orange (#FC8922) and the right two thirds deep blue (#002776).
    4. Draw a dog with one front paw up, looking back behind it, in grey (#B0B4BC).
    5. Over the dog's body, draw the NATO compass rose, in the same color grey.

    Optional details:

    1. Draw aviators over his eyes.
    2. Draw an army helmet on his head.



    • Distributism - Love you, dad. Chesterton's quotes on war are excellent guiding pieces.
    • Moderate Distributism - Calm, cool, collected, but still headed in the right direction.
    • Distributist Liberalism - So based. All that's needed is a real foreign policy, man!
    • Right-Distributism - Good idea looking to economics properly instead of pretending it'll fix itself, but be a little nicer to the poor.
    • Democracy - Love you, man. You are a non-negotiable must.
    • Ordoliberalism - Good economic policy and I applaud the Miracle on the Rhine you created. Get some more co-ops though, bud.
    • Liberal Conservatism - Good economics and based take on the importance of institutions, but need more co-ops.
    • File:Neobert2.webp Neolibertarianism - Good foreign policy and you understand both subsidiarity and economics? Based.


    • Classical Liberalism - Impersonal economics are bad, but I can at least acknowledge you know your shit.
    • Neoconservatism - Good foreign policy, but chill out. Also help the poor more.
    • Social Democracy - You mean well, but you're a little dovish for my taste.


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