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    Discord Server for Interlaislibcap

    Interlaislibcap, also known as PCBA Inter-Laissez-Faire Libertarian Capitalism (expanded) is a fusion ideology between all laissez-faire capitalist libertarians on Polcompball. It tends economically far-right under the influences of Hayekian and hardline Austrian and Social Darwinist economics, culturally syncretic to right-of-centre, libertarian, slightly patriotic, and somewhat technologically accelerationist.

    The ideology has some lesser-known details. It may or may not be in support of a constitutional monarchy, especially for Commonwealth countries. For the structure of semi-democratic government, it is in favor of a semi-presidential constitutional night-watchman state, so it is neither fully presidential nor fully parliamentary. It is slightly patriotic for multiple nations: Australia, France (spec. Reunion Island), Spain, and most of all, the United states. It is mainly culturally patriotic as compared to patriotic in civic nationalism. It also tends to be somewhat Christian in nature, albeit mostly secular on the legal and political side. it is also somewhat against abortion for a plethora of reasons.

    And in PCB ""politics"", if you can call it that, it is mostly aligned with the establishment, backing moderators such as Nguyen and Athena. There is also little sympathy to the opposition.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Draw the Austrian flag within the circle.
    3. Add a circle split into quadrants: cyan in the top-right, maroon in the bottom-right, golden yellow in the top-left, and dark green in the bottom-left.
    4. Add a slightly smaller white circle inside the circle.
    5. Add a green dollar sign inside of the circle.
    6. Do the eyes.


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