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    Intelliperium is the created ideology of Steven Desnon. It is a modified version of classical Technocracy, fused with other political ideologies to increase effectiveness. In general, most of the core beliefs of Technocracy are preserved within Intelliperium. However, several key changes, primarily, changes in economics, are what separates it from other forms of Technocracy.

    Whereas standard Technocracy believes in an economic system far closer to Socialism, Intelliperium utilizes the economic system of Bureauism, in which large corporations exist, and the state interacts with them through government organizations known as Bureaus, which "guide and assist every aspect of industry, from the factory worker to the CEO."

    It also believes in the establishment of a one-world government, slightly different than the classical idea of Technates.

    This unique economic serves to boost government authority and allow for important changes to be made, and to secure a better life for the people living under it.

    There is also a heavy focus on both state atheism, and a pro-benevolent authority mindset.

    Personality and Behaviour

    Socially, Intelliperium is the slightly more cold and calculating version of Technocracy. While it does not actively belittle ideologies it deems inferior, it tries to force its quote-unquote help on to them repeatedly, even if they don't want it.

    How to Draw

    • Draw the technocrat squiggle line and make the right side blue (1400C1)
    • Fill in the other half with black (111111)
    • Add a purple (7D01A1) swirl in the middle
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Blue #1400C1 20, 0, 193
    Black #111111 17, 17, 17
    Purple #7D01A1 125, 1, 161



    • Technocracy - my stepbrother, just go a little further
    • Noocracy - my dearest stepfather. why have one big brain ruler when you could have many?
    • Meritocracy - Talented people in positions that matter? sign me up!


    • Socialism - Interesting concept, having the essentials owned by the government. how about everything tho?
    • Transhumanism - You're kind of like a modification to me. you could be added or removed at any given time.
    • Progressivism - Be willing to step up to authority sometime.
    • Enlightenment - We agree progress is good. but stop blathering on about rights and submit to authority.


    • Ontarnōv - Mortal Fucking Enemy
    • Kakistocracy - Who the hell made this??! I want an ID chip implanted into your spine!
    • Anarchism - no authority? how can you expect society to run without whips to the people's backs?


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