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    Integral Vanguardism (IntVan) or Vanguard Integralism (VanInt) is a revolutionary nationalist, syndicalist, and exclusively German variation of integralism. The ideology, while deriving from integralism, is also a modern outgrowth of the Conservative Revolution movement, whilst taking inspiration from the Mladorossi and Portuguese national syndicalists.





    • Integralism - Ehre sei Gott in der Höhe und Friede auf Erden für die Menschen guten Willens!
    • Conservative Revolution - Gott mit uns, heil Kaiser dir!
    • Bismarckism - Chancellor Bismarck will forever be one of the greatest statesmen in German history. Would've been more based if he took the socialism pill.
    • Reactionary Socialism - Literally me.
    • Reactionary Modernism - God has ordained humanity to wield the full potential of technology!
    • Reactionary Syndicalism - Only through the uncompromising counterrevolution against Enlightenment modernism shall the proletariat be freed!
    • Monarcho-Syndicalism - Nearly the same as the above. The church, state, and workers must align to crush the immoral and greedy bourgeoisie!
    • Mladorossism - The Tsar and the Soviets indeed, Amen!
    • Legionarism and British Fascism - Some of the ONLY good fascists. Long live the monarchy and its legionnaires! Please just take the socialism pill already.
    • Crusade of Romanianism - Far better version of him, not gonna lie.
    • Carlism - For God, fatherland, and king!
    • Patrianovism - Good job taking over Brazil and restoring the Empire.
    • Anti-Centrism - The left-right political spectrum is a product of the bourgeoisie French Revolution, therefore it must be rejected and transcended.
    • Anti-Zionism - Israel is rightfully Catholic land. Deus vult!

    Tolerable but Questionable

    • Integral Nationalism - I am quite literally just the German version of you... but Elsass-Lothringen has been, is, and always will be German, cry about it.
    • National Bolshevism - You go WAY off the rails even for me, calm down. Could I please I join the GANG? I'm sure I'd make a fine addition.
    • Falangism - Why are you a republican? Regardless, you're still based, but I prefer him more.
    • Left-Carlism - And why are you a progressive degenerate?
    • Caudillismo - Nice social policy, but you are just a generic strongman and negated syndicalism in the Iberian Union, so not cool.
    • Reactionary Libertarian Socialism and Reactionary Mutualism - Nothing personal, but please get an actual state and be more focused on unions, then we'll be fully good.
    • Hoppeanism - Based traditionalism... but anarchism and capitalism? Really?
    • Anti-Semitism - Look, I don't have pleasant views of the Jews either, but could you PLEASE shut up?! Besides, you're too associated with that antichrist for me to associate myself with you.
    • Ba'athism - We hate Israel for different reasons. If only you weren't so hostile to reactionaryism and monarchism...
    • Islamic Theocracy and Jewish Theocracy - Stay out of Christian Europe.
    • Buddhist Theocracy - You are a fool for being nontheistic, but the Buddha was a good man.
    • - Strasserism - Gegrüßet seist du der nationalen Revolution! But, besides Otto, why are you a damned republican? You're also too close to them for my liking. Keep up the fight against the bankers, though.
    • Clerical Fascism - Okay, I guess? I also support the empowerment of the clergy, but it will inevitably be consumed by the all-consuming nature of the totalitarian state. Please also calm down with the state centralization of yours.
    • Christian Socialism - Too moderate overall and especially too lax on Christian doctrine.
    • Christian Communism - Eh? I don't really know, to be honest.
    • Orthodox Theocracy - You ever think the Catholic and Orthodox churches should, like, make a truce or something? I think Catholicism and Orthodoxy should at least temporarily ally, given that we have larger enemies to deal with.
    • Leninism and Bukharinism - Fine economics but that's the only thing good thing about you.
    • Ultravisionary Socialism - Hmm...


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