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    Insurrectionary Social Democracy

    Insurrectionary Social Democracy or InsSocDem values the ideas of welfare, individual determination, the leveling of positive and negative rights and the reform of capitalism to create and actually free society like a traditional Socdem would but believes reform into a socdem society will corrupt it from its base values (These values are referred to as the Bi-Triangle by InsSocDem)

    InsSocDem believes the current electoral systems in countries needs to be revolutionary changed to fit the bi-triangle. InsSocDem also believes reactionary tendencies like monarchism and far/moderate conservatism needs to be violently opposed similar to revolutionary progressivism.

    The methodology behind InsSocDem is as follows, Social Democracy is a very pragmatic position to maximize peoples freedom and happiness and you can hold that position while also critiquing reformism and electoralism. This taken to the obvious extreme produces the most rational and natural conclusion to everything. Insurrectionary Social Democracy

    The Bi-Triangle

    Triangle 1: The values of the state




    Triangle 2: The values of the people




    How to draw

    Insurrectionary socdem flag.png

    1. draw a red circle
    2. Draw the socdem rose with the top left corner colored black and the bottom right corner colored black
    3. Draw three arrows
    4. Draw an Ak-47 with a knife on the front going over the arrows
    5. cut the arrows where the Ak rests over
    6. paint the top right arrow section black and the bottom left arrow section black

    Stylistic notes

    InsSocDem is commonly depicted holding a Molotov, a gun and a flag with a three arrows



    • Social Democracy - Yes the perfect society to maximize the freedom of the people and the framework to build off of for the future you just absolutely need to realize peace doesn't work and electoralism will turn into crony Social Democracy



    • Anarcho-Capitalism - Hates welfare, hates the state, Hates egalitarianism and thinks negative rights are the only rights that matter in a free society

    Further Information

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