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    Insurrectionary Manosphere

    Insurrectionary Manosphere is a form of misogynistic terrorism which seeks to remove "Chads" from the social hierarchy and/or completely replace them, through violent insurrection.

    Some theorists, notably including Elliot Rodger, have postulated the idea of removing women from society so that people will not think to have sexual or romantic desires.



    A "Chad" is defined as a typical alpha male; a man who has a good sex life and a healthy relationship. And a "Stacy" is basically the same thing except female. They are at the top of the current social hierarchy.

    Meanwhile a "Normie" is someone who might be single, not currently interested in relationships, does not do exceedingly well in sexual predicaments, etc. They are in the middle of the current social hierarchy.

    Lastly, a "Beta" is defined a usually unattractive man with excessive sexual difficulty. They are at the bottom of the current social hierarchy. Adherents blame society for this positioning.


    Adherents have a deep hatred for most, if not all, women, who they put a lot of blame into for their struggles. They believe that since they always reject them, they are to blame. This is commonly amplified by a misogynistic and narcissistic personality.

    Their hatred for Chads also stem from their hatred of women. They believe that Chads are stealing all the girls, leaving them with nothing.


    Adherents believe in an uprising against the status quo, led by the betas. The uprising will target Chads and Stacies, and though they don't necessarily want to harm the normies, they still can and often do get killed in the attacks.

    The hypothesized end result will be a society where betas are no longer "oppressed", and one where betas no longer feel sexually frustrated.





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