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    Innovativism is the self insert of Irony science/TPSciArtMachinPhilo.

    Why georgism?

    "No one owns land at the first place, we rent it from the earth, cost is an earthquake, so why fighting for your own nation and betraying your own species, but everyone needs land, so LVT is important"

    Why deliberative democracy?

    Kids, logical decision that everyone accepted is better than a vote.

    Evolution & World Peace

    "Guess what, many millions years ago, we are once a fish, we knew that pur ocean are dying and all plants moved here, we strive, we struggle, imagine how hard it is for our grandparents to move on land, they puts lots of effort, and then we can fully live on land with conditional issues, we must lay our eggs on water, if they dry out or predational issue, we won't exist until these days, we try to useing damp leaves to burry our eggs, that help but not much, we create amniotic sac, to help our child from dried out and our child can live in dry land without conditions, a chaotic and hard times, sadly, our amphibian ancestors seperate in 3 path, we goes on mammals path, at that time, we are the highest and the king of ecosystem, we ruled, but suddenly, great dying come, we are now underground, below the feet of dinosaurs, we struggle for more than 100 millions years, we realy struggle to not died under their dinosaurian feets, we were together under the shadow of dinosaurs, after they all died, we once roam again, look what we have gone through, aren't you proud and pride?, but sorry, my point are not pride, it is much more important, my point is, why are you all fighting?, why are you all doing wars?, why are you all betraying yourself, just imagine dude, is that effort our ancestors and us put and striving to make us killing ourselves and our brothers?

    answer is no, you all knows that, putting your effort to giving birth to someone to making them fighting as a sibling is nonsense right?, human are just like that, humanity forgot effort that tiktaalik used to crawl on land, we all forgot effort the salamander used ti create amniotic sac, we all forgot the first time we once rule the pangea, we all forgot our struggling to keep surviving under feet and shadow of dinosaurs, we all forgot that we roam the world together, if you keep fighting for your own "nation", there is no nation, no land belong to us at first place, we just rent that from our planets, prices is earthquakes, also, you are making our throne shaken, doing war may sound good to publics and unbetrayal, that doesn't true, you are betraying our ancestors' effort, well i does not mean we should not give throne to other being of a creatures, other species, i hate both human and animal supremacist, we have to share our throne, but it isn't a right thing to betray our species just for some part our our species, to me more accurate, ourselves."

    Syndicalism, Corporatism & Business Unionism

    "We need union for both business and labour, for prosperousity for society, like science, lots of people in lots of profession together in one work, for humanity"

    Why Mutualism

    “Friendship, it is valuable, do you know why we get all those damn knowledge, mutual aid, we aiding each other for better of humanity, so that’s why mutualism”

    Why libertarian

    “Scientists need freedom to question, we get knowledge from those research, research come from greed and gluttony of knowledges which is good greed and gluttony p, desire of knowledge come from question, a question comes from liberty of questioning, not just science, but all authority”

    Why Progress

    “Everything is progress and tech, no matter if advancement, the creation that benefits humanity are all technology, we want better life, conserving your daily life would not make your life any better and doesn’t raise your wages and salary, so even if it make u lose your work, find a new jobs and make your old customers darlings have a faster meal, but I still love labors tho ;)”

    why eco

    “I knew that, you guys are western, you may skeptical of climate change and global warming, iT’S cOLd ouTsIDE, silly, just go to Thailand and stand on road for five hours at noon motherbeeper son of a biscuitches you will burn into coal, and global warming aren’t really warming but instead chaotizing the ecosystem and fresh air and make the atmosphere chaotic and unpredictable, it is your doom”





    I appreciate most, not all


    little amount of appreciation

    Constantine - You are just- just like a bag of bullshit, doggie poop, fried c*m with stcky yolk, a little pure gold, and a diamond. I LOVE THOSE DISTRIBUTISM, GEORGISM, GLOBALISM, LIBERTARIAN AND INDIVIDUALISM, b-but hey, i am kinda of mixed in "capitalist term", dude I HATE YOUR ELITIST, CONSERVATIVE, RELIGIOUS, REACTIONARY, INDUSTRIALIST AND POST HUMANIST. YO BRO U STUPID? like why the f*ck yo want those small flyshit to opress you, why the shit yo want to destroy our rainforest, why the hell you love secularless, unneutral bullshit, w-why da fuck you WANT TO CONSERVE THINGS WHEN U CAN MAKE THEM BETTER. LVT AND LIBERTY IS BASED, but soy population takes over. ALSO HOW DARE YOU HATE RATIONALIST, LOGIC IS ALWAYS FOR PROVING SOMETHING WHAT WE SEE MAY NOT HOW IT WORK WHAT WE THINK MAY NOT HOW IT WORK, and I AM NIGHILIST, Anti Nihilist sucks but that's ok truthless motherf*cker who cannot accept that LIFE IS MEANINGLESS BUT LIFE IS FUN!!! Also, HOW DARE YOU HATE SECULARISM???? bro WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, AND HOW DARE HATE WORLD FEDERALISM BRO WTH

    needs reeducation


    • Constantine - Sawasdeekub, fellow Thai. Can you add me into your relations?
      • สวัสดีคร้าบบบบ ได้เรยยน ขอรีวิวก่อนนะะะ รออวันพุธน้าาาา - IronyScience
        • Constantine - ผมส่ง friend request ในดิสคอร์ดให้แล้วนะครับ แท็กผมคือ basileus_constantine
          • ห้ะคุณรู้ดิสผมได้ไง ใช่คนที่2x2master เล่าให้ผมไหม เขาบอกหรอ? หวาาาน่ากลัวที่สุด
          • แบต25 เน็ตกากครับ รอวันเสาร์นะจ๊ะ
    • Constantine - Anyways, here’s your icon (I made it for you).
      • thank u sooo muchh yayyy
    • Artelordism - How exactly do you combine socialism, corporatism and capitalism? The economic section(s) might need to say not just "Why?", but also what policies and actions should be made or what your ideal society is.
      • hey artelord i think itz cool also check my sandbox

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