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    English Traditionalism, also known as Ingtrad, is an off-compass totalitarian ideology based on Ingsoc, the off-compass ideology from 1984 by George Orwell. Ingtrad works by instilling the traditional values in children from birth. Free speech is so absolutely forbidden. Freedom is Slavery, War is Peace, Minors and Proles are Free, Ignorance is Strength, and Poverty is Wealth. To meet the ideological demands of English Traditionalism in any place, they came up with a language called Rightspeak. In Rightspeak, English is known as "Wrongspeak". Rightspeak controls the minds of every human. Microchips are placed inside every human from birth, and whoever doesn't put one in is automatically put to a grueling death. The chips are required to buy, sell, trade, and do everyday transactions. The chip is implanted in the right hand. Every human is under the control, literally, of the system, especially minors. There is a such thing as a thoughtcrime. The System knows everything about your every move. It is a literal full, intellectual, and absolute control of fundamentalist traditionalism and ultra-conservative motives and laws. There is no liberty in Ingtrad. You are it and it is you. A facecrime is a facial expression that is a thoughtcrime, and a thoughtcrime is any thought or expression that opposes the Party. Every parent, besides the Party, has absolute control over the thoughts, expressions, and actions of the child. The parental control breaks when the child turns 18, but the Party still has total control over him. Sexual orientation does not exist; everyone is straight in Ingtrad. The Party makes every person repel from his/her own sex in a sexual matter; homosexuality is impossible, in fact. Trigger warnings from the Party don't exist; the government is merciless toward crime. Pornography is the most severe sexual thoughtcrime, automatically ensuring a tormenting death. The proles have entertainment, but it is all clean ("clean" is a VERY narrow term).


    He is very condescending and reactionary. He is always called a bigot. He hates anything that is anti-religious or progressive. He is off-compass pro-life.


    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Fill the inside with black. (#121414)
    3. Draw a large V-shape with dark blue. (#0d0c4c)
    4. Draw one large football-shaped eye, and you're done!


    The Inner Circle

    The Outer Circle

    • National Socialism - Taught me how to seize doubleplustotalitarian control over the people.
    • Classical Conservatism - Taught me how to seize doubleplustotalitarian control over the culture.
    • State Liberalism - Complete state control over the population is doubleplusgood, but if he doesn't embrace tradition I'll just erase him from history like all the others.
    • Ingprog - Same as above, except closer to me on the civic axis.
    • Musevenism - Most promising candidate for my outer circle, but there's a long way before you and I'm not so sure if your successors will hold to it.
    • Kaczysm, Putinism and Xi Jinping Thought - Other prospective pretenders.


    • Abortionism - This ideology never existed. Life is doubleplusvaluable, and whoever kills another human or simply is angry at another person is guilty of 1st-degree murder and should be put to a doubleplustomenting death.
    • Accelerationism - Doubleplusunspeedwise is the only one right way to go, and you don't exist.
    • The entire cultural left - The party would like to remind you that these ideologies never existed.
    • Unquadrant - The party would like to remind you that this quadrant never existed.
    • Unquadrant - The party would like to remind you that this quadrant never existed.
    • Unquadrant - The party would like to remind you that this quadrant never existed.
    • Unideology - The party would like to remind you that ideology never existed.
    • Unideology - The party would like to remind you that ideology never existed.


    Rightspeak is the Ingtrad language. It is like Newspeak. In Rightspeak, English is considered Wrongspeak.

    • ante — The prefix that replaces before
    • AuthTrad --- Authoritarian Traditionalism
    • bb — Big Brother
    • bellyfeel — The blind, enthusiastic acceptance of an idea
    • blackwhite — To accept whatever one is told, regardless of the facts. In the novel, it is described as "...to say that black is white when [the Party says so]" and "...to believe that black is white, and more, to know that black is white, and to forget that one has ever believed the contrary".
    • crimestop — To rid oneself of unorthodox thoughts that go against Ingsoc's ideology
    • crimethink — Thoughts and concepts that go against Ingsoc, frequently referred to by the standard English “thoughtcrime”, such as liberty, equality, and privacy, and also the criminal act of holding such thoughts
    • dayorder — Order of the day
    • dep — Department
    • diskid --- A child who disobeys his parents deliberately
    • doubleplusgood — The word that replaced Oldspeak words meaning "superlatively good", such as excellent, fabulous, and fantastic
    • doubleplusungood — The word that replaced Oldspeak words meaning "superlatively bad", such as terrible and horrible
    • doublethink — The act of simultaneously believing two, mutually contradictory ideas
    • duckspeak — Automatic, vocal support of political orthodoxies
    • facecrime — A facial expression which reveals that one has committed thoughtcrime
    • Ficdep — The Ministry of Truth's Fiction Department
    • free — The absence and the lack of something. "Intellectually free" and "politically free" have been replaced by crimethinkful.
    • –ful — The suffix for forming an adjective
    • fullwise — The word that replaces words such as fully, completely, and totally
    • goodthink — A synonym for "political orthodoxy" and "a politically orthodox thought" as defined by the Party
    • goodsex — Sexual intercourse only for procreation, without any physical pleasure on the part of the woman, and strictly within marriage
    • goodwise — The word that replaced well as an adverb
    • Ingtrad — The English Traditionalist Party (the Party)
    • joycamp — Rehabilitation camp
    • malquoted — Inaccurate representations of the words of Big Brother and of the Party
    • ManTrad --- A conservative or traditionalist
    • Miniluv — The Ministry of Love, where the secret police interrogate and torture the enemies of Oceania (torture and brainwashing)
    • Minipax — The Ministry of Peace, who wage war for Oceania
    • Minitrue — The Ministry of Truth, who manufacture consent by way of lies, propaganda, and distorted historical records, while supplying the proles (proletariat) with synthetic culture and entertainment
    • Miniplenty — The Ministry of Plenty, who keep the population in continual economic hardship (starvation and rationing)
    • NazTrad --- National Traditionalism
    • oldthink — Ideas from the time before the Party's revolution, such as objectivity and rationalism
    • Onepath -- The only one right way to live life
    • ownlife — A person's anti-social tendency to enjoy solitude and individualism
    • plusgood — The word that replaced Oldspeak words meaning "very good", such as great
    • plusungood — The word that replaced "very bad"
    • prolefeed — Popular culture for entertaining Oceania's working class
    • Recdep — The Ministry of Truth's Records Department, where Winston Smith rewrites historical records so they conform to the Party's agenda
    • rectify — The Ministry of Truth's euphemism for manipulating a historical record
    • ref — To refer (to someone or something)
    • sec — Sector
    • sexcrime — A sexual immorality, such as fornication, adultery, oral sex, and homosexuality
    • speakwrite — A machine that transcribes speech into text
    • Teledep — The Ministry of Truth's Telecommunications Department
    • telescreen — A two-way television set with which the Party spy upon Oceania's population
    • thinkpol — The Thought Police, the secret police force of Oceania's government
    • unperson — An executed person whose existence is erased from history and memory
    • upsub — An upwards submission to higher authority
    • Vid --- Videos. The phrase "horrible video" is now "doubleplusungoodvid". Pornography is referred to as "Doubleplusungoodsexvid".
    • –wise — The only suffix for forming an adverb
    • Wrongspeak – Standard English


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