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    English Primitivism, or Ingprim is a totalitarian dictatorship with primitive characteristics like Anprim.png Anarcho-Primitivism. Ingprim believes that the industrial revolution was a biproduct of anarchy and economic freedom, so it should be smashed by the state.

    The inner party is replaced by tribe leaders. Any attempt at agricultural revolution is punished by tiger mauling and unpersoning. Anything other than primitivism is thoughtcrime.

    Instead of any sort of comprehensive dictionary Ingprim uses oogaspeak.


    The idea of Totalitarian Promitivism is extremely popular, and multiple users have suggested some versions of it.


    Totalitarian-Primitivists believe that most people should resort back down to our old primitivism ways. Except for the government. The government is given total control and advanced technology(specifically deadly weapons). Now what is the job of the government? To kill anybody who they believe might advance technology. If they see anybody working on technology, Using long words, Coherent sentences, or any other form of advancement they would be killed immediately on the spot.

    Totalitarian Primitivism

    The Totalitarian Primitivists believe in a very strong state to stop any possible revolution, be it a neolithic or one against the regime. There is no "Fuhrer" of course. Only a tribe leader of the great tribe of the primitivist tribe, which basically is a superstate. The Totprims would like to expand their empire with force. However, they seem to loose every single war, even the swiss guard seems to defeat them with ease using their hellebores.

    Primitive Ingsoc Secular Soveranism

    Primitive Ingsoc Secular Soveranism (PISS) is an opposite of THETI.png THETI. The industrial revolution and its consequences do not exist and have never existed. The tribe elder would like to remind you that we have never been conquered by imperialists. Very oldspeak. Dobleplusoogabooga.







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