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    Ingmut, also known as English Mutualism, is the orwellian variant of Authoritarian Mutualism. He is an economically socialist (but pro-market), socially far-authoritarian and culturally variable ideology that advocates for a socialist system that contains a free market economy (with the workers owning the means of production) and a credit bank, everything strictly supervised an enforced by the government, witch is then governed by the Fair Brother. The Fair Brother despises any type of action against markets and socialism, and jails and "educate" anyone who works with these actions, he always knows when, why and how anyone is doing them.


    Ingmut believes in a socialist sytem adapted with markets, in witch all values are concrete and equal for everyone and the means of productions are owned by the workers. He supports the creation of a universal credit bank, witch will be monitorized by the state 24/7 to guarantee the normal passage of transactions. The societal structure will be based on those moral, and if not followed the Fair Brother will give his word upon. The Fair Brother is the figure that have total control over an Ingmut society and serves as the orientation path for the strict following of those doctrines, be it by massively incorporating it into society's culture, or by creating severe rules and laws that must be followed and teached by and to everyone.

    Personality And Behaviour

    Ingmut is the pure incorporation of the Fair Brother. He is completely passive towards other orwellian and other OffComp-Auth ideologies and always partially agree with something they do or say and is always trying to find a reason to agree with them. But he is extremely agressive with anyone who acts, according to him, "unfair", witch can have different meanings such as corruption, theft, slavery or total equalism (e.g.: bad workers and good workers having the same salary), be it orwellian or anarchist. He hates every anarchist, except for Mutualism and his variations.

    How To Draw

    • Draw a ball.
    • Fill it in with almost black.
    • Draw a big orange "V" extending from top to bottom.
    • (For an alternate version draw one curving orange arrow coming out of the "V" in each side, on the left side going down and on the right side going up.)
    • Draw the eye with the pupil and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Black #141414 20, 20, 20
    Orange #F7941E 247, 148, 30


    Inner Circle

    Authoritarian Mutualism - Order and justice by the state and for the people, also you are definitely not Tito.
    Ingsoc - There's no other way to guarantee people will work toguether.

    Outer Circle

    • Mutualism - The party would like to remind you that people are naturally unfair and the Fair Brother fixes it.
    • Minarcho-Mutualism - You're like him but a little bit more reasonable.
    • Titoism - You're on the way, but you're so soft you got dissolved and you and him get mistaken a lot of times.
    • Dengism - Also close, but you're not so fair with your workers and buyers.



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