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    Jewish Socialism, also known as English Judaism and English Zionism, shortened to Jewsoc, Ingjew and Ziosoc is an Orwellian form of Jewish Theocracy, mixed with strong tendencies of Zionism. The Inner Circle consists of only Jews, who work in an extremely centralized global banking system with a strong influence on the global market, as well as Kritarchs whom they work close in hand with. The Outer Circle is a mix of Jews and other "trustworthy" races. The proles consist entirely of gentiles and anti-Semites. Ingjew likes to remind everyone that the Jews are God's chosen people, Greater Israel has always belonged to the Jews, and that the Jews did not kill Jesus Christ.

    Big Schnozzer urges us to tell you that this ideology is entirely fictional, and is based off a global conspiracy that was made up by the Nazis.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a cube.
    2. Fill it in with black. (#141412).
    3. Draw a large V-shape with blue (#0000cd) and fill it in.
    4. Draw a Star of David inside of the V. (#0000cd) The two should not touch, but the V should be like a "container".
    5. Draw one football-shaped eye with a pupil and you're done!


    The Inner Circle

    The Outer Circle

    • Ethnowelfarism - Welfare is maybe okay, but your separation is needed to separate Jewish people from the rest.
    • Christian Zionism - You're not a Jew, but perhaps we can allow you permission into the Outer Circle.


    • Jewish-Nazism - Nothing more cucked than a self-hating Jew. J O I N - U S.
    • National Socialism - This ideology never existed. H*tler was a Jew.
    • Anarchism - This ideology doubleplusnever existed. Anarchy will only bring about Nazi heathenry.
    • Ingnazi - This ideology doubleplus never existed.


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