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    Not to be confused with Krater.png Kraterocracy.

    English Darwinism, also known as Ingdar is an Offcompass.png Off-Compass Authright.png Authoritarian Right ideology formed from the principles of both Ingsoc-icon.png Ingsoc and Darwinist.png Social Darwinism. It advocates for a society where an event of natural selection caused by the legalization of harmful activities causes the society to end up with only the strongests surviving and, since then, a form of orwellian government should rule over those strong who survived. His cutural level goes along with the Strong Brother's wills, so it can vary.


    Ingdar's beliefs are pretty much a following of maching events. He believes in a mass purge of the weak population by creating a global event of murder and theft, leaving just the most adaptated or strongest individuals. This society built by the strong would be ruled by a hyper-authoritarian government controled by the strongest individual (the Strong Brother). The reasons for that may be both a complete untrust on the "weakest strong ones" or a form of prize for the strength achievement.

    Personality and Behaviour

    Ingdar acts extremely egocentric and doesn't attend to any order he recieves. Instead he "purges" whoever asks him for something because he considers himself as the only one strong enough to be served. He's very judgmental and is never content with anyone or anything that isn't himself. Although he says he likes everyone who's strong enough there've been no notices of someone who's actually liked by him besides himself.

    How to Draw

    • Draw a ball.
    • Fill it in with (almost) black.
    • Draw an upside down red triangle in the middle.
    • Add a big eye and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Black #161616 22, 22, 22
    Red #FF0000 255, 0, 0


    Inner Circle

    There is no one strong enough to be considered part of the Inner Circle to Ingdar.

    Outer Circle

    • Krater.png Kraterocracy - Alternate brother. We're just like each other but...not, I'm much stronger.
    • RevSoul.png Reverse Soulism - Very strong friend, almost as strong as me (but not as much, of course)!
    • Ingsoc-icon.png Ingsoc - Great strong parent, but Strong Brother is much stronger than Big Brother.
    • Darwinist.png Social Darwinism - Great strong parent, but you're very Awaj.png weak and chaotic.
    • Nazcapf.png National Capitalism - Strong and influent, but a little Centrist-yellow.png weak.
    • Avar.png Avaritionism - Weak! Strong!
      • IngdarIcon.png - Weak, but strong? What? Why Kraterocracy and Social Darwinism loves you?
      • Avar.png - Because laws are so boring... And also I help you with Purge, thanks for money.



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