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    In order to defend Liberty against countless enemies, "Authoritarian Libertarianism" was created. A strong militaristic authoritarian leader commanding a centralized military along side with a group of elite military officials and scientific technocrats following the doctrine which stated that in any means necessary, human must be free from any kinds of tyranny, from poverty to slavery. The military have the duty to protect the libertarian federation, ensure the security of the federation from the threat of external and internal hazards and tyranny. While the authoritarian general have full power on the military, he have no political power. The government must be decentralized, localized, horizontal, libertarian and democratic. Government system, taxation and welfare policies is depends on each states on the confederation. They can be an anarcho-syndicalist, anarcho-capitalist, mutualist, free association, city-state, etc. As long as the people is consent, they can live under the system they want.

    He HATES all forms of tyranny in general and want to use strong military force to crush any tyrants. He is cold, stoic, pragmatic, machiavellian, barely shows his emotion, except when deals with oppression and tyranny. He wants to spread the ideas of freedom to everyone. He promote science, logic and reason, thinking they can defend liberty and individuality better than pity emotion. He will use any means necessary to eliminate Authoritarianism even if he have to commit genocide act like a dictator.

    He strongly supports the expansion and acceleration of techno-social processes to generate radical social change, in which he called Avant-garde politics a.k.a Political superposition aiming to identify, deepen, and radicalize the forces of modernization and technological progress to achieve certain goals of social transformation, he is now considering himself something beyond conventional left/right political spectrum. His main objectives are to decentralize the country and democratize it so everyone has a voice on the government and develop an Laissez-faire pluralistic economic system that every individuals can choose based on individual preference or becoming the black market of the globe for anyone in need. He believes through constant, never-ending social progress generated by endless competition, humanity in particular and the civilization in general can survive and thrive in the long term.

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