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    IngSaj, or Orwellian SajZeal Model, is an Off-Compass AuthCenter Orwellian variant of the SajZeal Model. He inherits the fundamentals of sajZeal without the 1st fundamental, which is a liberal democratic framework with universal rights and sufferage. It believes that War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength. Big Brother is watching you. Besides that he inherits welfare and a regulated economy. In his inheritance of Technocracy, he believes that STEM is a priority, although people can pick and choose their subjects to make them a priority. He allows a Technic organization to exist and assist the industry, society, military, and agencies. He allows a Technic court, however, it should only allow Bills and Laws that accept authoritarianism, order, and submitance to the state.



    • Ingsoc - Big Brother is watching you!
    • IngProg - Political Identity about progressivism never existed, but you're not half-bad. Keep those two seperate but existing together.
    • Satoserism - Pretty good, Techno-Fascist-Environmentalism is all based, but armourshipping never existed.
    • Social Authoritarianism - Welfare and Authoritarianism are praxis, but where is your Technocracy?


    • Progressive Fascism - Cultural Leftism and The party should be separate, and fascism isnt enough.
    • SajZeal Model - Liberal Democracy never existed, but everything else is praxis.


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