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    English Naturism, or IngNatur for short, is an off-compass Orwellian version of Authoritarian Naturism that advocates for the complete and utter removal of all textiles and their influence from society, in a strict totalitarian fashion.

    Under this system, not only would garments of all kinds be completedly outlawed, even as little as an apron, but anyone caught wearing even a scrap of clothing will be swiftly executed and be unperson.

    Personal Privacy would be outlawed, as there would security cameras everywhere recording everyone all the time, meaning that there will not a single nook or cranny of anyone left unseen from the eyes of others.

    Children would also be brainwashed from birth, into believing that clothing does not exist and has never existed, so that any feeble notions of shame and modesty from society are eliminated overtime until everyone accepts the new naked order.


    How to Draw

    1. Draw a Ball.
    2. Fill it with Green.
    3. Draw a large V-shape with White and fill it in.
    4. Draw a Green fig leaf at the end of the V.
    5. Draw one football-shaped eye, add a pupil, and you're done!


    Inner Party

    Outer Party

    • CMNFism & CFNMism - You two show great promise, but you lack ambition, everyone should be naked without exception.
    • CNBNBism - You're almost there!, just make enbies naked as well, and you could earn a promotion.


    • Textiles - Textiles have never existed, we always have been at war with Textiles.

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