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    Infinite Anarcho-Capitalism

    Infinite Anarcho-Capitalism is the most extreme form of Avaritionism which is Anarcho-Capitalism without the NAP. But that's not enough for Infinite Anarcho-Capitalism. In an Infinite Anarcho-Capitalist society, NAP doesn't exist just like Avaritionism, but so does the concept of "free." In such a society, even essential things such as breathing, walking, blinking, sitting, sleeping, having emotions, and LITERALLY BEING ALIVE OR BEING EXISTENT IN ANY STATE is monetized. And they are not only monetized, but quite expensive as well, since it's an infinite ideology. Furthermore, the free market is not only involved in every aspect of life, but literally the fabric of existence and laws of physics as well. So if someone wants to abolish gravity, they can (if they can afford of course). In that way, Infinite Anarcho-Capitalism resembles Soulism. To sum up, Infinite Anarcho-Capitalism thinks the poor should not even be able to exist, and the rich should be able to do literally whatever they want.


    Infinite Anarcho-Capitalism believes that in order to achieve a perfect society, we should let the people do whatever they want without any limitations at all unless they can't pay for it.

    Personality and Behavior

    He hates everything that is slightly economically-left or "statist".

    How to draw

    • Draw a circle
    • Draw a diagonal line in the middle
    • Fill the top half with black, and the bottom half with yellow.
    • Draw a infinity symbol that has the two colors and flip the colors of it.
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Black 0, 0, 0 #000000
    Yellow 255, 255, 0 #ffff00


    Best Friends


    • Having anyone other than best friends and archenemies would be too centrist



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