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    Infini are a series of 9 ideologies meant to personify the farthest reaches of even the off-compass compass. Each ideology embodies either one quadrant or one unity, including centrism, and has dominion over everything in said quadrant/unity. They are so extreme that mere mortals cannot comprehend their purpose or why they even exist. Because they are eternal, these ideologies are omniscient, but not omnipotent. They know the machinations of even Senatorialism and strive to absolutely perfect in regard to their own beliefs.

    The Ideologies (LORE)


    Infini-Sin is the personification of all things LibLeft. Simply put, their belief system is that every action has and equal, opposite and Authoritarian reaction. Therefore, Infini-Sin tries to abstain from the very concept of action, whether it is physical, mental or emotional. This lead to their body decaying until only their skeleton remained. The only place where Infini-Sin participates in even basic bodily functions is in their own personal dimension, where Authoritarianism and any form of bigotry simply cease to exist.


    • Control of Entropy.
    • Unique Language spoken by no-one else.
    • Manipulation of the Body.


    When not doing anything, Infini-Sin is usually seen making up new genders for everyone, tending to their commune and having huge orgies with quintillions of participants. They absolutely detest everyone slightly more authoritarian/right than their quadrant and will turn them into femboys upon sight.


    Like Infini-Sin, Infini-Watch is all that is AuthCenter. Under his rule, surveillance is everything; even virtual particles, quantum tunneling events and even the future is monitored for potential existcrime, or crimes based on pure existence. If there is something that Infini-Watch detects, and odds are that he WILL detect, that doesn’t fit his own very specific standards, he will simply wipe them from reality. Accidentally created Purple LibRight in a freak accident.


    • Telekinesis.
    • Omnipresence.
    • Complete Matter Destruction.


    Infini-Watch is a perfectionist. The slightest imperfections are grounds for serious punishment and although Infini-Watch himself is far from perfect, his followers worship him like a diety. He is the one of the only Infini ideologies to have a gender, other than Infini-Sin and Infini-Care. He is friends with Infini-Force and Infini-Hive, but hates everyone else. Widely considered to be OP.


    There is nothing but the hive in Infini-Hive. No unique thought, no responses to external stimuli, just the hive. The Hive protects, The Hive attacks, The Hive assimilates.


    • Eternal Assimilation (the power to break one’s mind so thoroughly and so severely that they become what is essentially a drone for all eternity).
    • Matter Creation.
    • Non-Scarcity Cloning (the ability to create carbon copies of itself through nothing).


    Infini-Hive has no personality. There is no real leader of The Hive. It just is and always will be.


    Infini-Unbound is the peak of centrist libertarianism. It is driven completely by emotion and impulse, not allowing itself to be told what to do by anyone or anything. Simply put, it does what it wants, when it wants and however it wants, no matter how many lives are lost along the way. In a sense, Infini-Unbound also embodies greed and selfishness.


    • Time Travel.
    • Control over Antimatter.
    • God-like Cryo/Pyrokinesis (the ability to freeze or burn entire universes or ideologies).


    Infini-Unbound is very rude to pretty much everyone, making it widely detested and seen as a “devil” figure for both its attitude and its destructive nature. It doesn’t matter if you did nothing wrong; it will still come after you if it wants to without any second thought whatsoever. Intellect is on the level of Kakistocracy, making it the dumbest Infini. If it were any smarter, it would destroy all of the compass and much of the outer compass. Created Orange LibLeft as a way to get revenge on Infini-Sin for eating his cookies.


    A very busy individual at all times, Infini-Care has made it her mission to undo all of the damage done by her cousins. This makes her very much hated by the rest of the Infini, but universally loved throughout the rest of the polcompball universe. Her powers were very specifically chosen to fix problems of a dimensional scale without hurting anyone.


    • Reversal of Time.
    • Universal Debuff (can counter any status effect (burning, frozen, afflicted), even those inflicted by her cousins).
    • Infinite-Speed Teleportation.


    Infini-Care is by far the most pure of the Infini. Whether or not an ideology is based or cringe, she will protect it with all of her power. That is why posts on PCBA are almost never deleted or altered by regular users. She is an “angel” figure to everyone, doing no wrong and spreading good wherever she goes. Is unable to be corrupted and as a result is only friends with Infini-Free, who shares her worldview.


    Not only is Infini-Free a based cowboy, but he also loves guns. Anyone who dares to trespass on its property will be met with his full rage, which is something nobody wants. It has the least variation of power of all of the Infini, but its one ability is extremely overpowered:


    • Meme Manipulation.


    Despite its name, Infini-Free has one responsibility; to protect the memes. Other than that, as long as y’all aren’t violating the N.A.P, it is actually a nice person and has no enemies other than Infini-Hive, who devoured his first house and violated the N.A.P.


    Infini-Conserve’s goal is to protect the past. It is the reason why empires fall and is directly responsible for the development of history. Other than that, it has supreme regulation over the flow of time, even being able to restrict time travelers such as Infini-Unbound and Infini-Care by placing them in an infinite loop by using localized time.


    • Time Domination.
    • Wormhole Creation/Manipulation.
    • Altering of History.


    Infini-Conserve is a very serious ideology, often lamenting on the nature of its cousins and other lower ideologies. It will not tolerate any meddling in its affairs and is known to regularly cause the collapse of entire civilizations by spontaneously deleting their memories. It is friends with most of the compass except for those in the LibLeft quadrant and LibUnity. Its enemies are Senatorialism and Infini-Unbound due to their meddling of higher dimensions.


    Widely considered to be the most powerful of the Infini, Infini-Force governs reality and its machinations with an iron fist. It is a very firm, yet fair leader that often serves as the judge, jury and executioner of the largest scale, sort of like The Living Tribunal in Marvel. It is even respected (in a way) by Infini-Unbound, who tends to stay away from it. Other than reality domination, it has a set of other powers that help it micromanage existence.


    • Reality Domination.
    • Higgs Field Manipulation.
    • JavaScript Console.
    • Control over Dark Energy.


    Being a naturally angry ideology, Infini-Force has a godawful temper, making it respectfully feared throughout the entire polcompball universe. It will not tolerate laziness or lack of work ethic, so naturally, it is enemies with Infini-Sin. Other than that, it tends to its own business, sort of like a politically-incorrect Thanos.

    The Ideologies Pt. 2

    Feel free to edit this and make your own descriptions. This is going to take awhile to complete.

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