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    Inexistent Proto-Ideology

    Inexistent Proto-Ideology (also known as Proto-Inexistent Userism) was the previous political belief of Inexistent-User some time from 2017 to late 2020. He was a strong supporter of the Neoliberal-icon.png status quo and resented Ormarxf.png communism and the East, despite barely knowing anything about geopolitics other than from mapping videos.



    Inexistent Proto-Ideology once despised communism and thought Karl Marx was "evil", yet he barely even knew what communism even meant. So of course, this means he had a fetish for Cap.png capitalism. He would go as far to even see Elon Musk as his idol, unironically thinking he was the real life Tony Stark, or something similar to that degree.


    Despite wanting World Federalism2.png world federalism, (yes, he thought it was possible at the time. wow.) Inexistent Proto-Ideology strongly despised the east for being "evil commies" and was a hardcore Atlanticism.png atlanticist. He also thought the EU was based and actually thought that America was a utopia at one point.


    Inexistent Proto-Ideology's civic values were ambiguous at the time, but it could be assumed he would have hated authoritarianism, thinking it is a "communist idea".


    Progress.png Progressivism was one of the values of Inexistent Proto-Ideology, supporting gay marriage, science, and fighting climate change. Unfortunately, Inexistent-User was very politically illiterate during this period, so these were the only societal debates he knew of. However, he was atheist, as he saw church as a waste of time.


    If you ever see this guy, just walk away. He's not even worth your time.

    How to Draw

    1. Ask yourself why the fuck do you want to draw this
    2. Draw a circle
    3. Fill the circle blue and draw a rough version of the continents of the world in green
    4. Draw sunglasses (preferably, make it look stupid)
    5. Draw a red baseball cap

    Done! Now look at the abomination you resummoned into the world.

    Color Name HEX RGB
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Black #000000 0, 0, 0
    Red #ED1C24 237, 28, 36
    Light Green #B5E61D 181, 230, 29
    Light Blue #00A2E8 0, 162, 232





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