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    inden comunssm is a politics were indens share stuff becuse the goverment teels tham to then they kil al the fak-amercans so them can't opress the indens never more. they know sharreing is careing and stuff so they are nice and have a big nashion.

    have no money causs monet is bad.

    File:Inden comminsm.png
    them look liek this
    • theyg talk funny.FREINDS:
    • there mom: inden nationlism

    teh say there nom is a good guy ho stands in the wayy of getting

    • wIt nazis who steel them

      • homland becaus there meaan and want monets and stuff and that als o makes inden comunsm really mad beecaus they not like monets causs is bad
    • inca huy because hes all communist or someth9ng and is also inden
    • commie dad: them ruin everything becauses they say nzi is ok but theat is good
    • ooga booga hug cauz hes all
    • ENEMYS:
    • there enemies are becausee
      • rhey ate aenemies

    libtard stelm his stuff causs goim wlt and has money and is fack americans. other thingesthem all weird an tsuff and they go UGH ME IS COMMI AND HOW AND STUFF AND THEM ALL T+DUMB AND GP TP SCOOL

    ok thats the ends of this stroy and i have an old song about inden commis before u leave ahem
    : thee things teh monkes ininden ladninden land steel money becausee n-money steel from them
    and then the the smart 1s get them money back to phem to Phem

    and then

    they find and good old fish and steel his neeato fin

    and marcch to money land with0ut money

    and so that is very funney

    nd so they have no money.

    and then the march to the ind of the earth

    and go bacc to there terf

    and get a neeato commieland

    File:Screenshot 2021-03-12 at 2.48.07 PM.png
    the money man them h8 sooooo bad.

    and that's the end of this song, don't forget to go the mommylan

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