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    Inclusivism is an ideology that wants to make society more inclusive and beneficial to everyone and remove the rampant exclusion and discrimination present in society by seeking to give everyone equal opportunities to make meaningful impacts and give everyone a chance to have an effect on their society and community, have a legacy, as well as reap the fruits of their labor and effort.

    Inclusivism is based on the word 'Inclusive', believing that a more kind and caring society will arise from putting inclusion first and prioritizing the involvement of everyone in the political and economic process. And thus, it believes inclusiveness and work put through with effort and encouragement of such is one of the essential elements that a government and economy must have.


    Inclusivism operates on the goal of increasing two things as much as possible, Employment and Political Freedom. It believes that society must give power to the people through maximizing political and economic influence of every person in a market socialist economic framework. This ideology also exercises a degree of pessimism, believing the risks of a big/strong governing body becoming corrupt to be too much so it does not advocate for a powerful government, but one that is balanced with the people, believing that the government and the people should be on equal standing.

    Political Organization

    It believes that there must be absolutely no barriers to voting of any individual within society, no requirements whatsoever. It goes beyond making all people equal and will allow animals to vote as well. The egalitarian principles state that the political participation of everyone shall go unrestricted, no matter who, no matter their age, social status, gender, race, or even species. It may even operate on a slightly ochlocratic level of democracy in which all proposals are treated equally with the only regard being to the popular support it has. However, unlike Ochlocracy, it wants to take steps to avoid a tyranny by majority, with protections for minority groups enshrined constitutionally. Maximizing political freedom involves giving tools necessary for activism to all and also ensuring that no politician has jurisdiction over the other that everyone's voice should be taken equally, that the inclusion of everyone in the populace in the political process is necessary. That the political hierarchy should completely be abolished.

    Since such an ideology is based on the principles of egalitarianism, despite its political freedom of speech any attempt to discriminate and diminish a group of individuals must be met with resistance. As such, the fundamentally equal value of everyone is to maintained.

    Economic Organization

    Staying true to the principles of market socialism, the ideology necessitates that all business must be collectively owned by the workers, but yet still, the distribution of all goods shall be through a market system. Differing however, is that it seeks to maximize employment of everyone in society in order to give them a voice in the economic matters of a business that they choose to work in. As such, the primary focus of the state and government is to encourage and help the people within the society become employed. While it aims to have free markets in this market socialist economy, it also seeks to mitigate income equality through an extensive progressive tax rate insuring that high income earners do not obtain a vastly different quality of life over the lower classes. These taxes are what allow the employed and activist populace to use collective wealth to achieve meaningful change whereby the government budget should be decided entirely democratically.

    Societal Organization

    This ideology also aims to liberate the masses and give everyone control over their personal lives. While employment is encouraged, it is generally decided that the government should not dictate what people can and cannot do or what they must do. Thus, nearly no goods or services at all should be made illegal except those which are directly harmful or malicious such as killing or stealing. However, it will still prioritize employment and must limit access to or ban that which prevents productivity in the workplace or promote laziness. However, still it would adhere to the progressive model of allowing freedoms that promote inclusiveness such as gender equality, transgender acceptance, all matters of identification, disability help, and outlawing discrimination of all kinds including gender, race, age, etc.


    How to Draw

    1. Draw the Libertarian Market Socialism ball.
    2. Replace the colors of the pattern of streaks with the colors of Democracy, like in the flag.
    3. Draw a diagonal DNA symbol from Bioequalism at the center of the ball over the star
    4. Draw the eyes.
    5. And you're done!

    (By the way, the flair icon does not need to include the Bioequalism symbol)

    File:Flag of Inclusivism.png
    Flag of Inclusivism
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Orange 255, 169, 0 #ffa900
    Black 0, 0, 0 #000000
    Green 33,177,76 #21B14C
    Blue 63,71,203 #3F47CB
    Red 236,29,36 #EC1D24
    Magenta 255,0,255 #FF00FF
    Purple 127,0,255 #7F00FF

    Personality and Behaviour

    Inclusivism is highly skeptical of other ideologies to the point of often being arrogant. However, usually always accepts the results of a free and fair democratic election no matter what and is constantly rambling about giving power to the people and including everyone and often confuses people by making no distinction between people at different ages or even between humans and animals.

    Stylistic Notes



    • File:Capacity.png Capacitationism - Yes, giving freedom to the people, that's what I like to see! But, all that hedonism and capacity stuff is unnecessary, increasing everyone's influence on society through work and voting is the true way!
    • - - - - Good at heart, I mean, there's nothing wrong with it except that it would never work in reality!
    • Libertarian Market Socialism - Now these are the economics we need.
    • Austrolibertarian Market Socialism - Eh, seems alright, good bud, except he's a little too optimistic.
    • Anarcho-Altruism - Way too extreme for me, but reminds me of my brother, [[File:Anarcho-- [[Anarcho--, it's perfect how you also want all species to be equal.


    • Utopian Socialism - Down with Utopianism! It's time we recognize that some things are just not probable and things are bound to wrong... so we should let the people forge their own course, our problems stem from limits on freedom. Although... I still kind of don't want to do a revolution.


    • Stalinism - How dare you take away the rights and political participation of the people!? What a disgrace to the name of socialism.

    Political Test Placements

    Art Gallery

    Further Information


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