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    Incentivism is an economically mid-left, culturally far left and slightly authoritarian ideology. It is the political ideology of Gorm55. It utilizes and expands upon several policies from Social Democracy, while also adding quite a few of its own.


    Incentivism's beliefs are focused on the increase of the standard of living for the less wealthy and making life more comfortable in general.


    One of the main things preached by Incentivism is that nobody who works should be in the lower class, a

    nd those who don't still shouldn't starve. As such, the main belief of Incentivism is a universal basic income. One of the common criticisms of this system is it will lead to decreases in productivity, as some will not work at all. In order to remedy this, the Incetivist UBI will be different for different people. When a person is unemployed, it will be large enough to be able to afford very cheap housing and food. When the person works, it will be increased, thus incentivising them to work, as the extra UBI money will ensure they will never be forced to work for an unliveable wage (thus Incentivism) and ensuring that people can live comfortable, fulfilling lives, without the need for economic worries. It would also incentivise businesses to hire more, as this would not directly cause a minimum wage increase (though a minimum wage increase is also heavily supported).

    Taxes are lower for people with smaller incomes, and higher (albeit not to an insane degree) for the wealthier.

    Restrictions are put on businesses regarding good working conditions and environmental friendliness.

    Things such as healthcare and education are free.


    Incentivism preaches equality for all citizens, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, etc.

    Government leadership is still chosen democratically, as in Social Democracy.

    Religion is completely separated from the state, but it is fully accepted in general. If an organisation is deemed a cult (i.e. Scientology or the KKK) it is not allowed.

    Stopping climate change is considered a top priority, in order to ensure civilization survives.

    So long as no violence is involved or encouraged, political expression is allowed, and free speech/freedom of press is ensured.

    Accepting progress and pursuing technological advancement is also highly supported.

    Globalization is extremely supported, and nationalism is highly discouraged.


    Pretty chill with other political compass spheres and enjoys talking about opposing views, accepting criticism in order to iron out the kinks in his policies. A bit overly polite sometimes and has an obsession with pretzels.

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    • Capitalism - I mean you're not terrible, but you're too unregulated.


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