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    Not to be confused with Incestism.

    Incelism is an ideology that advocates for men to become incels. It is the opposite of Simpism and is comparable to Volcelism. It OFTEN follows various "pill" ideologies, with the most popular being the red pill. Though generally speaking it is very misogynistic due to built-up virgin rage and believes in a sort of unfair Caste System that puts "Alpha males" / "Chads" at the top and puts themselves, "Beta males", at the bottom.

    Getting stability and unity among them would be almost impossible as there are many different types of Incels who adhere to different "pills" (more info: Manosphere) and they all have different range in looks, beliefs, and personality etc.


    He is extremely sexist and misogynistic; he sees women as only sex objects. He may also simultaneously have a superiority and inferiority complex depending on the circumstances although one may be strongly preferred.

    Incelism can be portrayed as the sin of envy, as it is jealous towards Alphas who have sexual partners, while he wants his own partners too, and wants to obliterate who he envies and achieve their success. Some of them resorted to escort-maxxing (Hiring an escort in order to have sex).




    • Asperger's Syndrome - Another fellow autist who can't get laid. Just hasn't taken the blackpill yet
    • Manosphere - Defender of Men's Rights! Just not quite misogynist enough.
    • Alt-Right - You're really cool and based, but everyone keeps relating me with you. And how do I make your movement look bad?
    • Anonism - We sometimes lurk in 4chan in order to LDAR.
    • Tradwifeism - I need a girl like this... And no, i'm not gonna be a "trad husband" in return, she's gonna cook me tendies while i play vidya gaem.
    • National Patriarchy - BASED, but can you spare some of these femoids just for reproduction means?


    • Men's Liberation - A typical purplepiller, you care about men's rights, but why you ally with feminists when it benefits your cause of equality??? SOYCUCK!
    • Girlfriendism - Where was this when I needed it!!!???!!?? Anyway AWALT.
    • Virginocracy - Abstinence is a joke!
    • Femboyism - I am not usually the biggest fan of the gays, but... Maybe dating a trap might be a good idea! Better than a woman anyways. Just don't expect me to come to your pride parade.
    • Volcelism - What do you mean you actually don't want to be in a relationship? Are you fucking weird?


    • Feminism - Your rights do not exist!
    • Radical Feminism - AWALT. No exceptions.
    • Liberal Feminism - Foids would rather get fucked by dogs rather than men.
    • Simpism - I can't believe this guy actually wasted his time creating a Valentine's Day card for his girlfriend. SIIIIIIMP!
    • Mediacracy - Lamestream media who DEMONIZED INCELS!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEE
    • Mainstream LGBT - I have to be heterosexual to be respected for having genital sex with anyone? SCREW YOU IN ALL THE LEAST PLEASANT WAYS! (but we also made our own pride flag)
    • Bidenism - He would be a terrible US President for incels
    • Antisexualism - A joke.


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