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    Inca Imperialism is a theocratic Authoritarian left ideology that advocates for a divine absolute monarchy ruled by the "Sapa", the descendent of Inti, the Sun god in Inca theology.

    Governmental system

    Ruling was done by the Sapa who ruled over an aristocracy made up of local elites directly recruited by the by the state to serve them.

    Economic system

    The Inca economic system has been described as a primordial form of State Socialism, the economy was centrally planned, with redistribution of goods allocated based on which places needed them the most, this measure is said to have originated mainly as a way to prevent localized famines. There was no substantial internal market economy, bartering was limited to certain regions and no form of currency was in circulation in the general population, although axe-monies were employed by the mindaláe trading class to exchange goods with outsiders. Most common use goods were distributed by the ruling class in a direct exchange for labor and the economy rested on the material foundations of the traditional Andean Vertical archipelago model which complements the access to resources between different ecozones.
    Due to the currencyless nature of the Inca empire taxation took the form of mit'a corvée labor, essentially a mandatory public service that extended from the similar village community service of mink'a that still remains in place in many Quechua communities to this day. Mit'a took the form of public jobs such as the construction of road infrastructure, agricultural terraces or fortifications. Besides the Mit'a there was also a form of compulsory military service.


    In 1438, under the rule of Sapa Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui, the Kingdom of Cusco began a massive expansion campaign that lead the Incas to control the majority of the territory of modern day Peru. Due to the expansion a restructuration of power took place in which the Sapa was the head of the central government with 4 provincial governments controlled by strong leaders. As part of his expansionist policies the Sapa sent out spies to nearby regions he planned to expand to with messages to the leaders and presents that demonstrated the material benefits of joining the Inca empire, and would militarily conquer the ones who refused the offer.
    Pachacuti's son, Túpac Inca Yupanqui, continued the expansionist policy of his father conquering most of modern day Colombia and Ecuador. Tupác's son Huayna Capac once more continued the expansionary policy of his grandpa conquering up to part of modern day Chile until the southern expansion stalled at the Battle of the Maule, turning to the west and expanding into parts of modern day Argentina and Colombia.
    By 1529 the first Spanish conquistadors had reached the Inca empire, in 1532 a second wave had arrived with a charter allowing their conquest of Inca lands. During this time a civil war had broken out in the Inca Empire over which of Huyana's 2 sons, Huáscar and Atahualpa, would succeed him, with Atahualpa and his allies winning the war. Between the diseases brought from Europe by the conquistadors, Atahualpa's capture and subsequent execution, the conquest of the Inca capital of Cusco (albeit it was reconquered briefly by the Incas) and the other military attacks the empire's strength was gradually weakened until it was fully conquered by the Spanish crown and the area was colonized.

    How to draw:

    File:Suntur Paucar.svg
    Flag of Inca Imperialism

    This design is based on the banner of the Sapa Inca

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw 2 black snakes
    3. Draw a 3 color (red,yellow,green) rainbow between their mouths
    4. Draw a sun and a black inverted triangle with rectangle across the middle of it
    5. Add the Mascapaicha crown and the golden ear covers
    6. Add the eyes and you're done!




    • Marxism–Leninism - Based central planning and wealth redistribution but what's this state atheism bullshit?
    • Imperialism - Based if it's Inca imperialism, cringe if it's Spai*iard imperalism.


    • Catholic Theocracy - OUT OF MY EMPIRE YOU CONQUISTADOR FUCKS! I would had respected your religion if it wasn't for that!
    • Capitalism - Wtf is this "currency" thing? Sounds awful!

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