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    This ideology has been abandoned by its creator.


    • Agrarian Syndicalism - The economy is to be controlled by democratic councils of trade unions in an agriculture-based society.
    • Third Position - The state shall reject both parasitic capitalism and godless Bolshevism in favor of a non-Marxian socialist economy that is controlled by and serves the national working class.


    • Authoritarian Democracy - The government will be a multi-party democratic republic, with approved political parties allowed to run against each other and elections free from inference will be held every few years. However, political parties must initially be approved by the state in order to run against each other. This will, both naturally and by design, exclusively limit the political parties allowed to those professing socialist viewpoints and which are deemed to not pose a threat to the integrity of the culture and the state. The executive office will be directly elected and pose a considerable amount of power to best serve the nation and its people. However, this power would not be infinite, and would be somewhat constrained by a national constitution. When it comes to civil liberties, rights such as freedom of speech will be upheld in peacetime so long as the content is not violent, reactionary, or degenerate in nature. However, during times of crisis, these rights can be somewhat restricted if such action is approved by both the legislature and the executive, although these restrictions will be lifted as soon as the crisis is resolved.
    • Republicanism - The monarchy is an unnecessary relic of the past. Absolute monarchy, the only coherent justification for the monarchy, has proven itself throughout history as an unnecessarily tyrannical institution, and constitutional monarchies are nonsensical and defeat the justification for a monarchy in the first place (that of the divine right to rule). Therefore, the only system that can truly represent the interests of the nation and its people is the republican form of government.


    • Traditionalism - The culture and traditions of the people shall not only be upheld but in essence transformed in order to rejuvenate the collective bond and harmony between society and the national culture.
    • Monoculturalism - To ensure the sovereignty of and harmony between the culture and the nation, society must consist solely of one national, unified culture, with immigration from other nations prohibited and the remaining non-native minority groups assimilated into the dominant culture.
    • LGB - There is nothing wrong with homosexuality in and of itself, and homosexuals will be able to form relationships with each other and have sex without fear of being prosecuted by the state. However, same-sex marriage shall be prohibited as marriage is inherently a sacred bond between two individuals of the opposite sex who have vowed to love each other and raise a traditional family. For this reason, homosexual couples shall also be prohibited from adopting children, as it is in the best interests of the nation and of the community for an individual to grow up fully integrated into a traditional way of life. LGBT propaganda shall also be strictly prohibited and cracked down upon.
    • The transgender question - Trans people shall be able to socially transition into the gender that they desire and, after undergoing an intentionally lengthy process that involves confirming they have gender dysphoria, consulting with multiple experts on the matter, and gaining the approval of the state, they shall be able to undergo hormone therapy if they are at least 18 years old. Surgery of any kind will be strictly prohibited, however. Once they have medically transitioned, they will be able to legally change their sex and be encouraged to integrate into wider society. While ResponsibleCitizen is generally pro-transgender rights, they are critical of the movement for nonbinary rights. The idea of the hypothetical existence of a third gender would not be recognized by the state, and there would in general be very few accommodations for such people. However, if a nonbinary person actually has gender dysphoria (which to be fair does happen) which has been confirmed by a medical professional, then they may be able to socially transition to a certain extent.
    • Agrarianism - The national culture shall emphasize the humble and authentic lifestyle of the farmer and the importance of connecting with the ways of the nation’s ancestors. The nation shall be mostly agrarian, although some small-scale industry would be permitted.


    Best and Worst Parts About My Ideology?


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    • Altemism - Your desire to preserve the traditions of your people and return to an agrarian society is admirable, and your economics are also pretty decent. Your isolationism is also very based. That being said, however, I’m not a fan of reactionaryism or monarchism. Despite that, this self-insert is still overall fairly agreeable.
    • Serbian Socialism - Not a big fan of Titoism, multiculturalism, militarism, or the social progressivism. Supporting multiculturalism and cultural imperialism (by allowing foreign cultural elements to influence and be integrated into the native culture) in particular just seems like you’re asking for traditional Serbian culture to disintegrate, no offense. That being said, however, at least you’re a fellow agrarian socialist, and your opposition to NATO and the EU is pretty based.
    • Socialist Third Way - Literal social-democrat globalist "socialist" hawk. Very cringe, to say the least.




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